by BK Munn
Out today. I really love Vancouver cartoonist Ryan Heshka’s riffs on 50s imagery and culture and was a big fan of his previous Mean Girls comic, which was a goofy shot of pink nihilistic feminism. This new book promises more of the same.

From Nobrow Press:

This stereotype-busting graphic novel subverts 1950s clichés to bring you an utterly wild, pink-tinted trip in Ryan Heshka’s unmistakably cool style.

The Mean Girls Club have been laying waste to the town for years, and the power-crazed Mayor Schlomo is hell-bent on their destruction. He blackmails a young mechanic named Roxy to infiltrate the Clubhouse – but her feisty attitude lands her an initiation into the Club instead! Torn between the sleazebag Mayor’s dirty threats and her unexpected friendships with the Mean Girls, Roxy holds the fate of the Club in her hands…