by BK Munn
Bell Media’s Space Channel, the cable channel known for it’s science fiction programming, has cancelled the longrunning InnerSpace pop culture news program as part of a wider slate of firings and cancellations, citing “increasing production costs and declining revenue.” The show, most recently hosted by the trio of Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman, and Teddy Wilson, was billed as the channel’s “flagship” show and featured interviews with actors and production staff from fantasy and science fiction film and tv. The show also featured the occasional foray into comics and videogames.
The show began as Hypaspace in 2005, changing to The Circuit in 2008 and being retitled InnerSpace in 2009. The show also had a blog and a podcast.
Because the show was produced in Toronto, it’s coverage of the local comics scene was one of the few “mainstream” avenues available over the years, and the various local festivals and cons (TCAF, Toronto Comicon) most often received the lion’s share of comics-related publicity. The roots of the show go deep into Toronto comics fandom, with longtime Space Channel producer Mark Askwith being a key player.
The media giant announced it would be dropping at least 17 employees, including taped segment producers and a director. It is also cancelling the long-running Discovery Channel science show, Daily Planet.