Jack Tremblay was born in Providence Rhode Island, May 1st 1926. His family moved to Thunder Bay [then Fort William], and finally when he was eight settled in Montreal. 

In the Fall of 1941 teenaged Jack entered a drawing contest listed in Wow Comics No. 2 (Nov. 1941) and three issues later, Feb 1942 in Wow Comics No. 5, his name received special mention as one of the winners, garnering him a shiny new pair of roller skates.

Tremblay mailed Bell Features a sample of a strip called “Crash Carson” that he had been working on during the previous winter and thanks to being known to them through the contest and the strength of his work they started to publish his comics. He was only 16.

Jack Tremblay went on to be a regular contributor to the Canadian Whites, a professional illustrator, and then under the name Jean-Jacques Tremblay, he began painting and managed to sell a respectable number of canvases.

Notably, his son followed him into comics, creating underground strips under the pen name Rick Trembles.

In 2014 Jack was enrolled in the Giants of the North hall of fame, and had been appearing at comics events with his son whenever his health allowed, enjoying a revived interest in his classic comics work.

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Jack Tremblay, May 1, 1926 – November 11, 2018.