January is shaping up to be a busy time for Canadian comic creators to announce their latest projects. Some with goals of releasing at the spring conventions. So here’s 3 that got my attention this week.
First up is the longstanding Pitiful Human Lizard series by Jason Loo. To commemorate 5 years of publication, Jason is releasing new comic pages online every weekday in March and will be collected in a print edition to be sold at TCAF in May. This will certainly be a must have for fans of his series. He also has some mini comics on his new website where these comics will be released jasonloo.pb.online

Next we have a new Kickstarter coming out of the Vancouver comic group Cloudscape Comics. Chicken Soup and Goji Berries is a graphic novel by Naomi Cui and Janice Liu exploring the connections across languages, cultures,  and generations that can exist within one Chinese-Canadian family. The book will include both English and Chinese dialogue to be enjoyed by readers of either language. Certainly a unique project to consider. Learn more at the kickstarter page until Feb 16.

Last but not least is another Kickstarter project by Hope Nicholson’s Bedside Press (savior of old Canadian classics like Nelvana and Brock Windsor). It is a new graphic novel to be adapted from the 1986 crime fiction novel, Work for a Million by Eve Zaremba, notable for being the first pulp novel to star a lesbian private investigator! They will also be reprinting the original, long out-of-print novel. The graphic novel will be adapted by writer Amanda Deibert (Wonder Woman ’77) and Canadian artist Selena Goulding (Susanna Moodie), with letterer Ed Dukeshire, and the full approval of the original author.

Keep your eyes peeled to your favourite creators on social media to see what new things they might have in store for the near future!