By Jamie Coville
I was at the show as well [Max], so you’ll see me in one of these shots. I needed a haircut. Intrepid Canadian comic event documentarian, Jamie Coville went to King Con last March 9th to 10th!
He’s shared with us a selection of photos and audio recordings of a couple of the panels.

King Con 2019 in 29 Photos! Here’s a few highlights!

Nonfiction and Comedy When You Mainly Just Know About Comics: A Talk by
Ryan North
(51:03, 46.7mb)

Ryan North talked about How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler. And walked the audience through a short list of various important things you’d need and when they could have been invented before they actually were.

On Comic Book Anthologies: Q&A with David Lloyd, Jack Briglio and Tom
(1:02:17, 57mb)

Moderated by Adam Pottier topics included the challenges of anthology editing, creative freedom, web comics, and writing for a collection and molding stories as an editor.