by BK Munn
The Kazoo! Print Expo is happening Saturday April 13 in Guelph, Ontario. The show is part of the Kazoo! indie music festival, taking place in downtown Guelph all weekend, making for a very lively scene with lots to do into the evening.  Alongside the Print Expo is the Studio Summit, a conference hosted by Guelph’s Publication Studios. The keynote speaker at the Summit is Drawn & Quarterly publisher Peggy Burns, who will be giving a talk about book marketing to close out the Expo.
Cartoonists exhibiting their wares include Moon Toboggon (Michael McGlennon), Carrot, Kimberly Edger, Patrick Sparrow, Christopher Green, Heidi Berton, Megan Arnold, Read More Comix, and Joy San. (I usually see Jay Stephens there as well, but I’m not sure if he’s setting up this year.) Issue #4 of Call Out Comics is one of the big debuts of the show, from what I can see, but check out the list of vendors on the expo site.
Also at the show is a new version of the Trinketron machine: