Today I switched my social media branding from @cancomicswiki to @seqmagazine to semi-retire the Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki and continue to focus on Sequential Magazine. Follow @seqmagazine on twitter and instagram, existing followers of cancomicswiki will continue. The magazine will still be within the main sequential Facebook page.
I have decided to focus more time on it than the wiki and have received much more support and interest in the magazine than the wiki. I have a great team of contributors and I want to do everything I can to make their contributions a success.  I haven’t been able to contribute to the wiki in recent months so it is time to make it official. The wiki is a free and open platform which anyone can continue to contribute pages to. As long as Fandom is a company it will still be hosted there so I would be open to someone else taking over the project.  But as I have made the majority of the pages myself, it did not catch on in the 2.5 years it has been running. I had hoped for creators and other contributors to add most books but that did not materialize.
I hope you found the wiki helpful and will continue to support the magazine so we can tell the stories of Canadian comic creators. The CanComicsWiki Awards will continue with a new name and a new format at the end of the year.
Brendan Montgomery