Hi all! It’s been slow around here, we have been posting a lot on Facebook and Brandon has a new issue of the Magazine in the pipe almost ready to go! So….

ITEM! Here’s a look at the cover!

Looks good eh? Cover art by Gary Boyarski creator of Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death.

Item: So that’s probably going to be the only image with this post. Normally I liked to have many but we’ve had issues the last 6 months with our hosting provider who’s decided to crack down now on our CPU usage. It seems the account we have required us to have a very light loading front page, hence the recent changes to a more spartan look. There’s a long story about how this wasn’t a problem until suddenly it was and i’m quite annoyed with how the provider in question has handled it, but long story short we have a Patreon now! Check it out, for now the goal is to just make a few $ to offset the coming jump in overhead costs, but if we find ourselves with more funding than that takes i’d like to use it to start paying for some original content to make best use of that improved hosting situation!

Item: Tom Devlin will be hosting a book club talk at the D+Q shop in Montreal August 14th, check this link for details!

Item: A sad Boum comic about tabling at comic cons. She does lots of fun and frank cartoons aout having kids and other things too, go check out here work here! In French here! And she’s on Patreon too, here.

Item: Check out Patrick T. Goddard’s SECRET WORLDS, p.10-11: part of a new comic based on characters invented when he was a kid! Full disclosure Patrick was a former student of mine! Cool to see him getting this going!

Item: August 1st was a Happy 37th anniversary for the Komico comic shop in Montreal!

Item: Have you been keeping up with the latest Conceptual Heist? read it here! Matt, the artist on that is another former student and Jay once contributed to sequential! I know I know, but it’s still good comics! They also have a patreon by the way, go here!

Item: By way of celebrating Ryan Ewing’s 30th, he’s put his pocket thoughts zines and things on sale! Get them now while the folly of his lost youth is still fresh!

Item: Brand new Mini Motion Picture Purgatory by Rick Trembles: “Spasms” (1983). On the even more nice site than ours, a can con only B movie blog! Cool.

Item: Have you discovered Jai Granofsky’s comics yet? Go see here. Buy here!

Item: Oh yeah, Apply now to exhibit at TCAF 2020!…

Item: Ok, last but far from least, I really love what the folks behind The Canada Comics Open Library have been doing, Check out their FB page here and share stuff, and if you’re in TO go visit!