A group of comic creators only have a few days left in their kickstarter to fund their second issue of their anthology comic. An anthology of three standard lengths comics of different genres including superhero, sci-fi and mystery. This is an interesting way to enjoy multiple indie comics in one package and discover creators from another part of the country.

Look for our interview with Sandy Carruthers in Sequential Magazine Issue 4 coming in November

Sandstone Comics was founded in the fall of 2018 by creators, Robert Doan (Star Trek/IDW, Dresden Files/Dynamite Entertainment, Eric Henson’s Eden/Alterna) Sandy Carruthers (Men In Black/Malibu Entertainment, Canadiana, and Greg Webster, Terra Obscura, Avrils Pheonix/Five Crow Road Publishing.
Our goal is to develop and create entertaining books for all ages.
Its first publication – SANDSTONE COMICS PRESENTS –  is an anthology of three creator-owned comics that has been launched on March 30th, 2019 and was distributed in book stores throughout Canada over the past few months.
Eventually, the goal is to spin off the original 3 stories into their own books, and it is the hope that SANDSTONE COMICS will expand to allow bringing on new talents located in the region, and encourage growth in this relatively new branch of the Canadian publishing landscape. Now, let’s get to the comic books!