Scott Sawyer’s NORTH comic book series is back with a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for issue 4 and beyond. After the breakout success of his first campaign funding his first 3 issues, Scott is working towards finishing the next two issues for collection into a trade paperback. With 14 issues already written as the first volume, another strong kickstarter could demonstrate demand for the series to continue.

NORTH is a more realist style superhero universe in Canada. A group of misfits come together to be the heroes the country needs after years without costumed vigilantes. The extremely detailed art and smooth colours bring this world to life in a cinematic way. This would be an excellent candidate for a superhero TV show should the CBC ever come knocking. The high quality of this comic is surprising since it is Scott’s first self published project. As both the writer and artist, the book is uniquely his imaginative vision.

You can pledge for just the latest issue or the full series in print or digital. Original page art is available and with his detailed pencils these are a great value for the price. Check out the full details on his kickstarter page.