by BK Munn

Julie Innes is a British-Canadian artist now living in London who has created a graphic novella about her youth in Ontario. The full-colour comic has a lot to recommend it, visually-speaking. The Kickstarter is now live.

Here’s the description from the site, in Julie’s own words:

“This project started when someone asked me the question, “What was the most dangerous thing that you did as a teenager?” When I started to write, I found the angry voice of a young woman I had almost forgotten about, and it really made me think about the risks that I took and why – and how hard but exciting those years were! 

The three stories I have written are really about the hazardous journey we take when we realise that our parents are not the heroes that we would like them to be. To survive this disappointment we need to establish our own sense of empowerment, and to form our own communities. In many ways this book is a thank you to those people – parents, friends, strangers – who saved me from myself in those years. 

At fifteen my mother married a Canadian and moved us to rural Ontario. Her carefully planned new beginning was not as ideal as she had hoped…but this book is not really about all that drama.

Its about being an outsider…”