A call for content and contributors!

By Max aka Salgood Sam: Publisher’s Letter.

Happy new year folks!! How do you like the new digs so far? Our new year features a move to a new host with hopefully a bit more flex in our site’s costs to needs ratio. In doing so also overhauling the design of the page. Starting with a basic wpHoot Unos template, just starting to contemplate things to do to revive the site this year now.

Brendan Montgomery had a great first year with his relaunch of Sequential Magazine, putting together some great contributors and features. If you haven’t already, I recomend you read them now! Free/pay what you can for digital, and in print via mail order from Studiocomix Press.

We’re going to get together and chat soon about plans for the new year but for sure, i’d like to present more comics! So to that end wanted to put this call out for Canadian Comics Creators who would like to be spotlighted, especially if we never have before. But of course those who have too.

For the site, Canadian Creators and Publishers, send us your short term press releases, let us know about your web comics, BD, cartoons, self published zines, small press comics, superhero indie comics, art comic, literary graphic novels, kids picture books, and any other relevent stuff!

Retailers Awards Festivals and Cons, we want to know about and spread the news of you too! Also would like to share note of podcasts or youtubers covering the scene, let us know if you’re one who does!

Creators and Publishers and Comics Community builders, you should also contact Brendan with longer format profiling reviewing and magazine previews of your new comics, or advertising opportunities! That link also works if you’d like to write a review or contribute in some way to the magazine. For a quick way to look at what the first year of Sequential Magazine looks like, you can use this link to Issue.

The Blog could use more contributing writers and content creators as always! So anyone interested in volunteering to write articles or reviews or even editorials about Canadian Comics, pitch me!

This is NOT an invitation to do write advertorials, do NOT spam us offering to pay to write about gambling or some such. But Canadian comics is a small scene and market, so if you are interested in contributing and work in the market like I do, that’s ok we’ll just include acknowledgment of bias or vested interests in your post bios. Note the one I’ll include at the end of this post myself.

Additionally it would be cool to host a few other comic artists, i’m going to start serializing some of my own here this year, if you’d like to have your webcomics non exclusively serialized on Sequential as well, let me know.

As publisher I’m looking for maybe a dozen strong creators tops, who’s work I like and think fits the site. with the ebbs and flows of creative production that should translate to one or two new comics for sure every week.

Web comics, strips, gags, political cartoons and the unconventional all welcomed along with more traditional destin for print narrative comics work. We will take no rights beyond permission to publish it to our site for sharing and reading online.

Best bet is PG audence standards for work language and graphic images wise, but if you have questions let me know. Would love to include first nations, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented voices friendly! Bellow is a bit of something I may share here in the future myself.

Look forward to hearing your pitches and seeing your comics people, write us here, now go get to work! [he says wagging a finger at himself] ~Max

Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas: Max founded Sequenail in 2002, and is a Montreal based creator with 30 years of comic making madness under his belt. He started this site to increase the visibility of creators like himself, and help encourage a stronger more diverse regional comic market in Canada.

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