By Salgood Sam

Hi folks, how’s your new year so far? We’ve been digging in a bit here at Sequential.

Brendan is putting together the 5th issue of Sequential Magazine, you can check out the first 4 issues here! He’s also collecting the nominations for the Sequential Magazine Awards now, so expect to hear from here on the site soon!

Sam Noir and I are also working on developing a podcast for the site, a couple technically. One may be an extension of the C-List essentially, and the other will be long form interviews with creators and people of interest in the can-con comics scene.

So lots in the works. For now, here’s the highlights of the first week and a bit of the year in Comics here in the North.

The 2018 Doug Wright Award winners (from left): Sami Alwani, Jesse Jacobs and Jenn Woodall. The annual literary awards celebrate Canadian comic book and graphic novel creators. (Jane van Koeverden/CBC)

Item: – According to Conan Tobias, executive director for the Doug Wright Award, in response to community demand he’s added a Kids book award for the 2020 awards!

“People have been asking us to add a kids’ category for a while. We’ve always accepted kids’ books in the best book category, but many people felt kids’ books were unique enough and a big enough category that they deserved their own award, and we agreed….”

Item: – Related FYI: There’s still a week to submit to the Doug Wright Awards! Comics of all kinds welcome, from self-published minis to large-press graphic novels. And, Kids comics!

Item: – Dan Brown says there’s a lot going on in Forest City [London Ont] when it comes to comics this year, an enthusiastic look at expected events can be found here on the London Free Press.

Item:Bruce MacKinnon for the Chronicle Herald sends the Sussexes a warm invitation to move to Canada. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced plans to ‘step back’ as senior royals and spend more time in North America, right after a tour of Canada so many are hopeful they will.

Bruce MacKinnon for the Chronicle Herald

Item:Jack Tremblay in the news. Father of cult cartoonist and Punk Rock icon Rick Trembles, Jack was an artist for some of the classic Canadian Whites, B&W comics published during WW2. Historian Ivan Kocmarek shared these scans of a recent magazine feature on Jack from TwoMorrows Publishing’s Comic Book Creator No. 21.

Item: – Check out some nicely inked art by Ronn Sutton for “The Man-Eater” episode #106 “The Stalker”. Its for a weekly online Edgar Rice Burroughs comic strip written by Martin Powell, you can subscribe to read it here.

Item: – Haida artist and craftsman Jaalen Edenshaw, with the help of Geoffrey Horner, created a set of 36 emojis that reflect the Haida culture! Currently only available for Apples phones.

Item: – Podcast Speech Bubble kicks-off 2020 with Aaron talking at length with Fiona Smyth about her amazing 30 plus year career! It’s a really good one, I highly recomend. Get it here!

Item:Ricky Lima launched a Kickstarter to produce a “weird book” called The Millenium Bomb. About immortal Millennials who roam around a post-apocalyptic 2020 communicating by inhabiting and destroying paintings. Sounds trippy.

Item: – Dominic Bercier‎ has posted 8 of the Mirror Comics line for a digital post holliday sale. promo code mirrorboxing2020 gets you the bunch on gumroad.

Item: – Simon Roy’s latest thing is a co-writing gig, check out the trailer for PROJECTOR coming from Image.

Item: – It looks like the Love After the End anthology is landing at Arsenal Pulp Press, according to editor Joshua Whitehead.

Item:A new comic by Connor Willumsen in The New York Times. 2020 means Canadian cartoonists conquering the world! Check it out, its a very cool looking story.

I Needed the Discounts By Connor Willumsen

Item: – Learn to tell your story through comics! Drawing The Inside Out: Making Comics From Your Life with Georgia Webber, a 4-week course on autobiographical comics at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Book a spot for yourself here.

Item: – Announcing the Eighth Annual Cartoonist Studio Prize. Slate and the Center for Cartoon Studies once again will name the best print and web comic of the year in their not so humble opinion.

Item: – And last, you can catch up with what’s new for me! Salgood Sam, over on my Patreon Blog. I’ve posted some new art for Mind Engine, a couple new Youtube drawing clips and a studio tour, and you can listen to my podcast updates here.

Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas: Max founded Sequenail in 2002, and is a Montreal based creator with 30 years of comic making madness under his belt. He started this site to increase the visibility of creators like himself, and help encourage a stronger more diverse regional comic market in Canada.

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