Hey all, time for another round of The C-List!

So first things first, there’s just a day and a bit left to vote in the Sequential Magazine Awards! Friday Sunday night at Midnight [EST] is when the polls close, so get in there and pick your favorites if you haven’t already! With that in mind lets get on with the show…

Item: First lets have some Comics. Dakota McFadzean still posts his strange short strips regularly on Instagram here, here’s the latest!

Item: Kate Beaton posted a super cute strip on having the cheesy feelings about her baby to her twitter here!

Item: The last Boumeries strip, and the start of a new path for its creator! Congratulations to Montreal cartoonist Samantha Leriche-Gionet (Boum) for her 9 year running successful strip about parenting, looking forward to seeing what she does next! Read her message at the link below. And we’ll have our interview with her in the next issue of Sequential Magazine!

Item: A fun hourly ninja comic by MC Nostril!

Item: Faith Erin Hicks posted a thread of her hourly comics here!

Item: A lovely new short comic by Jillian Tamak titled “Lane’s Eyes”, posted to twitter!

Item: Take a gander at art from The Last Band On Earth by Elaine M Will, up on her Patreon here!

Item: Montreal cartoonist has Cab launched her latest web comic Utown, it’s a story of a seedy neighborhood populated by a cast of misfits facing gentrification and their own bad habits. It’s slated to update twice weekly. It looks really sweet, here’s a few samples!

Item: Michael de Adder! For The Hill Times, the Toronto Star, and assorted others!

Item: Jason Copland ‪Inking Brutalist buildings. Show him some love!

Item: Jason also has a turn as guest artist for OLYMPIA #3, it came out at the end of last month, here’s a preview!

Item: Graphic History Collective looks back on their 2019 here, it was their 10th year in publishing, congratulations!

Item: David Lester’s work on 1919 has been featured in Swedish magazine ‘Provins’! Congratulations!

Item: JS Longstreet presents his new web-comic, Phantasos. “Mari Mendez’s life gets worse and worser.”

Item: The London Free Press reviews The Cursed Hermit by Kris Bertin & Alexander Forbes.
“There’s no more pretending the accumulation of facts will lead to understanding. There’s some weird stuff going on in this book, set on the east coast. Voodoois a thing in The Cursed Hermit. As disturbing as it is, this is an entertaining read. It isn’t the weirdness I enjoyed, but how Bertin and Forbes have such a firm grip on their characters.”

Item: Check this out, a peek at David Collier’s next book in the works.

Item: CBC: ‘Meet the man who drew nearly 30 hours of caribou hearings‘ Sam Bradd produces ‘graphic recordings’ of conferences and hearings across Canada!

Item: Jim Zub was on Q chatting about Dungeons & Dragons, and the Young Adventurer’s Guides. You can listen here!

Item: Toronto surrealist cartoonist and Kubert graduate C.Ghirardo is running a modest kickstarter to bankroll the printing of his book “Meet the UnUsuals”, hist stuff has an unusual bent to it, check it out!

Item: Montreal Cartoonist, B Movie fan and Punk Rock cartoonist, Rick Trembles Radio guest DJed on La Face B the other day, check out his spins here!

Item: Jason Bradshaw posted “This morning I’m working on this collection of comics that I’ve been editing for the better part of five years. Maybe, I think — JUST MAYBE –it’s time to just finish it and release it into the wild” Watch this space!

Item: Festival Québec BD shared this classic comic by Chartier.

Item: Publishers Weekly gives a glowing review of Kevin Mutch’s THE ROUGH PEARL “Mutch’s black-and-white drawings render these situations as uncomfortable as they are laugh-out-loud funny; he’s skillful at illustrating people who can barely hold their emotions in check. It’s exhausting being inside Adam’s head, yet the cringe humor keeps this darkly funny graphic novel from getting bogged by his despair and paranoia.”

Item: Conundrum is looking for submissions for its magazine. Send via snail mail post only please they say!

Item: Seth won one of five special Jury prizes at the Angouleme comics festival in France for his Clyde Fans graphic novel. The award, a “Fauve Prix spécial du Jury” came with a love letter from the jury and recognized Seth’s lifelong body of work.

Item: My own recent comic Dracula: Son of the Dragon got some nice props from a long time fan here, thanks D. Emerson Eddy!

Item: In saucy twitter clapbacks, here’s something I missed last year but was just brought to my attention. It seems that Michael DeForge was one of a number of cartoonists who was contacted back in May of 2019, about drawing a comic about the history of mirvish village, on behalf of the developer that evicted all the artists and The Beguiling from their long time retail spaces and studios, in the historic creative community. Here is the note and his firm response, but along with other comments this tweet really stands out as a work of dark elegance.

Ok, that’s it!! I’m going to get back to work, as always you can keep track of my work over on Patreon, i’m hard at work on Mind Engine, the new incarnation of my ongoing personal antholagy comix, and you can grab my self published comics here, and my new Dracula: Son of the Dragon GN with Mark Sable from ComiXology here! Like and follow Sequential over on Facebook here, or on twitter for the blog here! And for the Magazine here! And book mark the blog so you can check in and see what’s new in comics here in the North.


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