by BK Munn

ONI Press has announced it will publish the English-language translation of François Vigneault’s Titan graphic novel for Fall 2020. The book was originally published by Editions Pow Pow in Quebec.

The book is a science fiction adventure chronicling a class war on a mining colony in outer space. According to a press release, cartoonist Vigneault, who also is responsible for the YA series 13e Avenue (La Pastèque), said, “Science fiction typically does a terrible job of accurately predicting the future, but it has always been a great way to explore contemporary anxieties (just ask H.G. Wells). Titan is my attempt to write a fun, exciting sci-fi story, but at the same time maybe it can be some food for thought as we head into the election, and beyond.”

ONI’s Grace Bornhoft notes, “Titan grabbed me in the first few pages. I immediately recognized that it had all the elements of a gripping sci-fi thriller, but it was the story of the tension between the exploiter and the exploited that sets this book apart.”

Titan will be available online and in stores September 15, 2020.