Be Our Heroes, Canada

by BK Munn

A group of Canadian comics retailers has banded together to help support their fellow store owners during the pandemic. Be Our Heroes Canada has scheduled a 2-day series of Facebook livestream sales events to generate action in mid-May. Here are the details:

These are weird and wild times, that is for sure! Every level of our industry is struggling to some degree or other. In the States, they have BINC, a charity designed to help comic shops, but there is nothing like that in Canada. So, we came up with this event! 

Join us on May 16 and 17th for a two-day series of Facebook Live sales showcasing the amazing retailers and creators across Canada. 

We need to make sure the Canadian comics landscape comes out of this as unchanged as it possibly can, and it’s only through working together that that will happen.

Your purchases from stores will go directly to those stores, and purchases from creators will go to the CLLDF to be redistributed where there is need in our community. 

We all can’t wait to get back to selling you amazing comics in person! Thank you for your help in making that happen!

Your hosts:
Jenn Haines – The Dragon, Guelph, Ontario
Andre Greenidge – Heroes World, Markham, Ontario
Carlos Camara – Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles, Mississauga, Ontario
Darryl Spiers – Cyber City Comix, Toronto, Ontario

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