by BK Munn

Inkstuds podcast host, Vancaf director and comics critic Robin McConnell can use some financial help. He’s had a fire at his house and is currently living in a hotel. There’s a paypal link at the end of this twitter thread about what happened and he’s going to be selling comics and things to make ends meet. Basically, there was an electrical fire at his home and the fire department says he can’t live there indefinitely and now he and his partner and their cats are unhoused.

“Went for our first time away since the pandemic started and had to come back early because of a fire in our house. It was a small fire on the electrical panel but enough for the fire department to say the house is uninhabitable until the panel is replaced. Sadly it’s much more complicated. We don’t know what that means and when we will be able to be back at home. Could be a couple of weeks, could be a couple of months. We are all pretty shaken. The cats are enjoying the first hotel experience and tmrw moving to a friend’s place that is out of town for a couple of weeks. We will likely be looking for housing from September 22 to end of October. The insurance people said to prepare for lengthy stay. The damage isn’t bad, our house guest was on it very quickly, but they need to be sure of everything in terms of structure. It’s all very fucked up. I am doing a large purge of things, so reach out if there were some weird comics, books or records you are looking for, I can use the money…We are thankful it is not worse but it’s pretty bad.”