By Max Douglas aka Salgood Sam

Sam Noir and I have been recording great interviews with Canadian Comics folks for a new series, The Sequential Podcast! We’ve got 7 in the can and plan to do one more, for a first 8 episode season to run over two months this fall.

One of the last we recorded was with Ho Che Anderson, we recorded a two hour in depth get to know you chat* which I trimmed to one hour and forty some minutes.

From that I’ve transcribed and edited a six page interview that’s running in the latest issue of Sequential Magazine! Issue seven is dedicated to showcasing creators of colour here in Canada, it had to include a feature on Ho Che and Sam and I had already picked him out as someone we wanted on the show, so it seemed like a no brainier! Course I didn’t think about the day it would take me to transcribe and edit! But I’m super happy with how it come out!

* I think for the next season it would be great to get Ho and others back for a series more on things like process and whatever comes up.

The free/pay what you can digital edition of the magazine is live now! you can nab it via Gumroad here. And there as well you’ll see an option to pre order print editions, slated to be run in November. Help make the run more affordable for Brendan by locking in your order for one today!

The full version of the Video will drop a few episodes into the series once It launches, but I’ve created a short cut that features about half the context the text interview does and a quarter of what the full podcast will. You can watch that here! Or snag the audio podcast here, subscribe to one of those as well to catch the full length version when that finally drops!

Ho mentioned his work with the NFB, check out some of that here! And his new book Stone can be found here. His available work with Fantagraphics is here. And Amazon of course, here.

And, here’s a gallery of highlights from his body of work!
Feast your eyes!