In Kitchener Ontario there is a one of a kind comic book store in all of Canada. Studio Comix Press is a singular location which both publishes, prints and sells comics and other print materials. It’s a one stop shop for creators to print their comics, business cards, and other convention materials. But at the same time it is a rare location in Canada to find a huge selection of self-published and independent Canadian made comics. So much so that the only non-indie comics they sell are older back issues. They also have been creating their own comics since 1996. Their passion for indie comics lead them to start printing their own books and that of others. This recent addition of the retail location and printing all in one has brought them more prominence in their local community and promoted indie comics to the general public.

It is great to see that such a unique business and supporter of Canadian comics is sustainable. I hope this encourages other comic stores to support local content as well. StudioComix press is the printer for Sequential Magazine and a great retail partner for us and many other creators. Their small runs of digital printing are great for new creators looking to get their books in print then can scale up to larger orders once your following grows, so they make printing comics more accessible then some other printers. Accessibility of printing services is one way to grow the diversity in Canadian comics.

They are celebrating this anniversary by printing a limited number of collector edition variant covers for Jeff Burton’s Adventures of Auroraman #1. No details were announced on how to order one of these. Follow their Facebook page for updates on when that will go on sale. Here is part of owner Alfonso Espinos’ thank you message to their customers.

Studiocomix Press and its team thank you all for your ongoing support and business for the last 3 years of operations, but this is not it, 2021 it’s looking very interesting, and will be here to help on building a new generation of Canadian comics!!

The list of talented comic book artist, writers, painters, singers, cosplayers, small business, local business, schools, events, actors, actresses and general public is very VERY long for me to say one by one, but I will say this to all of you…. thank you very much for trusting us, without you we won’t be able to very proudly say that we been in operations for 3 years, especially in the last 9 months where it has been more challenging than before.

As you may (or not) remember in the last 2 years we announce our Anniversary / Party / Celebration at the store, but this year is going to be a little different, we still like to do something special to celebrate it. So ladies and gentleman in collaboration with amazing Jeff Burton you will be able to get a copy in a limited run of 150 numbered copies of Auroraman #1 with the Variant Cover done by Alfonso Espinos, signed by Jeff and Alfonso Auroraman also celebrating 5 years as a comic that make it cooler.

Alfonso Espinos
3 rarities of the Variant cover by Alfonso of Auroraman Issue 1