Sequential Blog and Sequential Magazine are pleased to be founding partners of the Society for the Promotion of Canadian Comics and their celebration of the 80th anniversary of the first comic book published in Canada. See their blog post below for their announcement.

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This blog post will mark the public debut of the Society for the Promotion of Canadian Comics. This new non-profit group was formed to celebrate and promote Canadian comics and graphic narrative. We wish to celebrate our Canadian comics and graphic narrative tradition and share it with the general public. The art form has grown and matured into a tradition and community in Canada as it has done in many other countries. As Canadians we should recognize, celebrate and share our contributions to the art form.

To achieve this goal we’ve put together a dedicated team of comics creators and supporters of various roles from across Canada. This team has room to grow if you’ve got experience in Canadian comics and would like to contribute then you can contact us for more information. We will do our best to share Canadian comics through special projects, events and partnering with other organizations.

Our first initiative is to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first comic book published in Canada. Better Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 is Canada’s first comic book published in the format we know and love. 2021 will be the 80th anniversary of its release. During the Second World War, non-essential imports, including comic books, were halted from the United States, so enterprising Canadians formed their own comic book publishing companies. Through these past 80 years, many Canadian-made comics and comics made by Canadians have come and gone. Some have endured longer than others, but today, they are flourishing. This long history is worth remembering as we resolve to continue to support the artistic expression of all Canadian comic creators.

We have 4 projects to announce for now with more on the way.

Anthology of Biographies

A premium format graphic anthology that includes 80 one-page graphic bios of selected creators and personalities important to Canadian comics history.

Reprinting Better Comics #1

A limited edition high quality enhanced facsimile of the very first Canadian comic.

Special Issue of Sequential Magazine

A special oversized issue of Sequential Magazine with articles and interviews covering the history of Canadian comics through different time periods and regions.

Canadian Comics Conference

A conference to present academic papers, hold panel discussions and network about the history and present of Canadian comics.

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We can be reached at  canadian.comics.society {at} for media, press or if you’d like to partner with us on a project.