The Joe Shuster Awards celebrate Canadians who create comics at home or abroad. They are named after Joe Shuster, the Canadian artist that co-created a character that has had tremendous impact on the industry and the world.

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association seeks to identify and provide FREE resources on the who, what, when and where of Canadians working in comics, selling comics, and celebrating comics.

They’ve just announced the winners of the Joes Shuster Awards for work published in 2019 on their blog here. A diverse set of extremely talented creators won awards for writing, art, cartooning, digital series and independent comics. We won’t steal their thunder by copying it all here so go check out the link for yourself and congratulations to all the winners!

We will however especially congratulate the two Canadian Comic Creator Hall of Fame inductees. Gregory Gallant, pen name Seth (1962-) and Bernard Edward “Bernie” Mireault (1961-) were both inducted. Biographies are on the award announcement. These are two prolific creators who have made many great contributions to comics in Canada.

For the TM MAPLE AWARD this year there was a special recognition of those who stepped up to help fundraise for financial relief for those affected by the pandemic this year:

The CCBCAA would acknowledge the many creators, retailers, publishers, fans and others who stepped up to help others during the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis in 2020. 

We wish to express our condolences to the many families and friends who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and to the Canadian stores that have had to face an uncertain year, with lockdowns and restrictions, some of which are no longer with us.

Special Recognition to the fundraising initiatives in the Spring of 2020:

Leonard Wong and Jay Bardyla for organizing the Canadian Comic Shop Relief Fund through the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund (with assistance from this Awards Association).

The Be Our Heroes, Canada telethon (Heroes World, Gotham Central, The Dragon and Cyber City Comix)

To the many artists who donated work for auction to the above, as well as other fundraising for those in need like local food banks, and to those that supported these initiatives by purchasing work.

And if you’d like to help recognize more independent Canadian comics like those listed in the Gene Day Award category, the Sequential Magazine Awards are accepting nominations here. Your input helps us have a wider variety of creators and comics to choose from to truly represent Canadian independent comics, as it is difficult to have heard of everything that came out this year. Final nominees and public voting will be announced in early 2021.