Watch our first ever awards video to see all of the winners and get an exclusive first look at the cover of Sequential Magazine issue 8 coming out at then end of March. Or continue reading to see the winners.

Video by Brendan Montgomery and Salgood Sam

The 2020 Sequential Magazine Awards are sponsored by Strange Adventures Comics & Curiosities in Halifax NS, Dartmouth NS & Fredericton NB. The Sequential Magazine Awards, originating in 2017, are fan voted awards organized by Sequential Magazine to allow Canadian comic fans to show their appreciation for their favourite local indie comics and creators as well as discover more great Canadian made comics. Winners were selected based off of public voting which occurred in February. Below are the names of this year’s winners and nominees. Only the winner’s ranks are shown, the remaining nominees are in no particular order.

Best Comic Book

  • Winner: Commander Rao
  • Runner Up: Space Cowboy and the Triumphanteers #2 
  • 3rd Place: Oktana & Ko #3
  • Death & Comics
  • Spectrum #2
  • The Gathering Place #2
  • The Remedy: Chapter 1
  • Undergrowth #4

Commander Rao

Story/Art by Fell Hound (she/her)
Logo/Lettering by LetterSquids

From Fell:
“Thank you to everyone who supported us and voted Commander Rao as Best Comic in this year’s Sequential Magazine Awards! You have grappled my heart in a way no grappling hooks could compare.”
From LetterSquids:
“Thanks to anyone supporting our book and indie comics in general (the best comics in the world). I’m finding new ways to make my lettering louder and more annoying every day so stay tuned.”

Buy Commander Rao Online
Fell’s Portfolio

Best Graphic Novel

  • Winner: Ice Massacre: The Graphic Novel
  • Runner Up: Halls of the Turnip King
  • 3rd Place: What Will Not Last
  • Drunk Days – A Belly Full of Hot Poison
  • Group of 7: A Most Secret Tale
  • The Krillian Key: Salamander Run Vol 1
  • THRUD: Volume I
  • XII: Of Magic and Muses Volume 2

Ice Massacre: The Graphic Novel

Tiana Warner – Writer and co-creator (she/her)

April Pierce – Illustrator and co-creator (them/they)

Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz (she/her)

From Tiana:

“Thank you to our wonderful readers, Patreon supporters, friends, and families for supporting us and voting for us! This comic has truly been a team effort. Special thanks to Todd Baker for guiding the artwork inspired by the Squamish Nation.”


Best Webcomic

  • Winner: Frightmare City
  • Runner Up: Soul to Call
  • 3rd Place: Folklore
  • Crown & Anchor
  • Ghost Junk Sickness
  • Hell Inc.
  • Rising Sand
  • Utown

Frightmare City

Creative Team:

  • AC Turner – Creator/Writer
  • Fabio Alves – Artist
  • Ulises Carpintero – Artist
  • Ivan David – Artist
  • Sika Murti – Artist
  • Luis Morocho Salaza – Artist
  • Toni Doya – Artist
  • Marcos Lima – Artist
  • Moke Moai – Artist

From AC Turner:

“Growing up in a small Maritime community, I loved comic books and dreamed of someday working on one. In winning this award, I’ve achieved that dream and then some! Thanks to my talented team of artists, thanks to Sequential Magazine and thanks to all the comic book fans who supported us throughout this journey!”

Webcomic – Website

Favourite Writer

  • Winner: Tiana Warner
  • Runner Up: AC Turner
  • 3rd Place: Kristen Kiomall-Evans
  • Alan Russette
  • Dino Caruso
  • Randy Stone

From Tiana:

“Thank you to our wonderful readers, Patreon supporters, friends, and families for supporting us and voting for us! This comic has truly been a team effort. Special thanks to Todd Baker for guiding the artwork inspired by the Squamish Nation.”


Favourite Artist

  • Winner: Sandy Carruthers
  • Runner Up: Jenn Lee
  • 3rd Place: Jade McGilvray
  • Alaire Racicot
  • Colin Tan Wei
  • Kelvin Nyeusi-Mawazo

From Sandy:

“I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to win this award! I just want to thank all of the amazing good people out there that voted for me and for Sequential Magazine for providing excellent Canadian comic book content that allows our industry to continue to grow and thrive! THANK YOU!”


Favourite Cartoonist

  • Winner: Brenda Hickey
  • Runner Up: Fell Hound
  • 3rd Place: Troy Little
  • Cab
  • Dominic Bercier
  • Nick Johnson

From Brenda:

“I am extremely honoured and humbled, thank you everyone at Sequential Magazine and Strange Adventures for highlighting Canadian Indy comics. Also a huge thank you to my partner in crime in life and in Pegamoose Press, Troy Little, for being my constant support.”


Favourite Colourist

  • Winner: Sharon Gauthier
  • Donovan Yaciuk
  • Ty Dunitz

From Sharon:

“Oh wow, Thank you all SO MUCH for the support! My Family, my friends, my fans, Team Auric, Team Auroraman, Everybody, thank you!”


Favourite Letterer

  • Winner: Lyndon Radchenka
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Toben Racicot

From Lyndon:

“Thank you so much to Sequential Magazine for this award and nomination. It’s clear from the other nominees that Canadian indie comics are alive and well, and I learn so much from all of you every single day.”


Thank you to everyone who voted and shared this year’s awards! It was another record breaking year for voting participation and all of the nominees appreciate your support. Please continue to support Canadian comic book creators big and small by following and sharing them on social media, buying their books, supporting crowdfunded books and being patrons. This year also marks the 80th anniversary of the first Canadian comic published and Sequential Magazine issue 8 will be an oversized issue to celebrate with articles looking back at Canadian comics history. Look for that at the end of March and learn more about the anniversary at

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