by BK Munn

Canada Post has issued five new stamps “honouring five of Canada’s greatest editorial cartoonists, whose thought-provoking and seminal work has helped shape our national fabric over the last half-century.”

The new stamps feature seminal political cartoons by Serge Chapleau (La Presse), Brian Gable (The Globe and Mail), Bruce MacKinnon (The Chronicle Herald), Terry Mosher/ Aislin (Montreal Gazette) and Duncan Macpherson (Toronto Star).

 The new issue is the first time the work of cartoonists has been featured on Canadian stamps since a series of superhero-themed stamps came out in 1995. The new stamps are currently available at post offices around the country.

According to Canada Post, “The five award-winning cartoonists, each honoured with their own stamp, are some of our country’s best journalists and storytellers. Their powerful drawings have been important fixtures in some of Canada’s most prominent and influential newspapers for decades.

Armed with pencils, ink and razor-sharp wit, these editorial cartoonists have boiled down complex issues into a single image – providing pointed commentary on important domestic and world events. Challenging the status quo and tackling controversial subjects head-on, their work has transcended politics and played an important role in upholding Canadian democratic freedoms.

These talented Canadian artists have made us laugh, reflect and cry with cartoons that tap into the emotions of a country. Their combination of humour and art has enlightened and entertained us, contributed to national debate, and brought attention to unfairness and injustice. Canada Post is proud to honour their enormous contributions to Canadian media and society.”