The annual Sequential Magazine Awards for Canadian Independent Comics are back once again for another year of celebrating the amazing self published and creator owned comics, webcomics and graphic novels being made by Canadian creators. We once again greatly thank our sponsor Strange Adventures Comics and Curiosities from Nova Scotia which allows us to send physical plaques to the winners.

The nomination period runs until January 1 2021 Eastern time.

This nomination period is to gather information from creators so our panel of magazine contributors can have the best information to make their selections for the nominees of the awards. The quantity of submissions at this stage does not effect judging as duplicates will be removed. We hope that having open nomination submissions will allow for creators outside of our usual contacts to come forward and reduce bias in our selections. We will strive to have diverse representation but that may be difficult depending on the submissions received and what was released this year.

We will have the same categories as last year

  • Best Comic Book
  • Best Graphic Novel
  • Best Webcomic
  • Favourite Writer
  • Favourite Artist
  • Favourite Cartoonist
  • Favourite Colourist
  • Favourite Letterer

General Rules:
– Comics, webcomics, or graphic novels nominated must have been released to the public (print or digital) in 2021 to be eligible
– Creators nominated for awards must have been active this year in releasing indie comics
– For a creator to be considered Canadian they must either be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
– For a comic to be Canadian either the writer, artist, inker, or colourist must be Canadian
– Winners of last year’s awards (1st place) are not eligible for the following year, including comics in the same continuing series. 2nd and 3rd place winners may also be less likely to be nominated to have room for other creators to have a chance, depending on entries