It’s finally time to announce the nominees for our 2021 Sequential Magazine Awards sponsored by Strange Adventures Comics & Curiosities in Halifax NS, Dartmouth NS & Fredericton NB. The Sequential Magazine Awards, originating in 2017, are fan voted awards organized by Sequential Magazine to allow Canadian comic fans to show their appreciation for their favourite local indie comics and creators as well as discover more great Canadian made comics. Below are the names of this year’s nominees for comics published in 2021 and some information about them (listed in random order). Please read as much as possible to make your fair selection. These nominees were chosen by our magazine team based off of public submissions and our own preferences. The winners are decided entirely by public vote so share your support for your favorite creators to help their chance of winning. Click the button below to go to the voting poll when you are ready. Voting ends at midnight Feb 28th. One vote per person please and a google account is required to enforce this.

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Best Comic Book

Dark Fragments

Dark Fragments is a 24 page twisted mini-comic anthology featuring six dark tales of dread written by John Ward, with the artistic talents of Francine Delgado, Juan Romera, Tyler Carpenter, Juha Veltti, Lawrence Denvir, and Ariel Viola.


Sidequest #3

Have you ever played a video game? Played a table-top role-playing game? Lost yourself in a book? Did you use that activity to escape reality for a bit, maybe blow off some steam? If so, you may relate to this book: when the stress of life gets to be too much for D’arik, he hooks up with his adventuring party to go on some quests! But what happens when he relies too much on escapism to cope? What happens when his choices begin to reflect his frustrations?This issue examines our gang’s problems a bit more – we lean heavily into depression and identity as several characters have to come to terms with who they are now, and how they got here. We also get to see Barca first hand, as his plans continue down a bloody road. Also: aerial fighting!

Grant Stoye: Writer

Alaire Racicot: Artist

Martina Bonanni: Colorist

Toben Racicot: Letterer

Brenda Snell: Cover Design

Stephanie Cooke: Editor


Seeds of Spring #3 The Same Old Mistakes Again and Again

In this innovative serial graphic novel, Naguset, a modern Canadian Mi’kmaq teenager, exchanges books and mix tapes with her pen pal, Chris. Her imagination sparks when he sends her a biography of the 19th century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. The story juxtaposes Naguset’s personal and political coming-of-age in her loving family home with Kropotkin’s rocky upbringing in a princely palace. These two stories of eventful lives and bold hearts are interwoven with Kropotkin’s theories of freedom, Mi’kmaq vocabulary and social history, and an uplifting punk soundtrack, creating a unique reading experience bound to inspire readers to think in new ways about the issues of our time. “The Same Old Mistakes Again and Again” is the third comic in the 15-part Seeds of Spring series.

Chris Coquard (Writer) He/Him 

Sacha Ravenda (Illustrator) He/Him



After losing her arms, a young judo teacher gains cybernetic prosthetics. She must use her fists and her kung fu skills to right the wrongs of her husband’s sordid past. Published by Absolute Comics Group.

George Michail (writer)

Vinz El Tabanas (artist)

Ed Dukeshire (letterer)

Benny Powell (editor)


88 #1

88 has lived many lives as the sole caretaker of the starship Venture as it ferries Earth’s last survivors to a new world. When a closer viable planet is discovered, 88 must choose between the success of her mission or risking it all to forge her own destiny.

Story and art by Vashperado

co-written by Vashperado and Steve Nesbitt


Mother Trucker #1

Mother Trucker is a love letter to Saturday morning cartoons with a truckload of edge and heart. It’s big dudes, big trucks, and big business brought to heel by one bad Mother Trucker.

In a galaxy where trucking reality shows and wrestling rules entertainment, Truck Off is the ultimate annual event: a high-stakes competition where the best intergalactic shipping contracts are won by wrestling on the backs of trucks while racing around the rings of Saturn.

Can Mother Trucker go all the way and take the Bridge-mart Championship belt at Truck Off 12 and win the truck of her dreams?

Big wig corporate giants will do anything to keep her from winning the prize, and the truth of her past. To take them on she’ll need to become the baddest Mother Trucker in the galaxy.

Written and Illustrated by Andy Belanger

Colors by Tatto Caballero

Letters by Serge Lapointe


Code 45 #2/3

Vanessa is a metro driver in Montreal who hears rumors that there are ‘dragons’ in the tunnels, monstrous apparitions that seemingly defy any explanation. Her co-workers are terrified of working nights because of what they’ve seen, and so a large number of them self-medicate to get through their shifts without giving in to fear and anxiety. Gradually, it’s become impossible for them to tell what’s real, and what’s a hallucination brought on by their drug use. Vanessa is transferred to the night shift and falls slowly into both this world and, thanks to her DJ roommate, the underground rave scene (a source of drugs and mayhem). She starts to witness things she can’t explain, and is forced to confront a shocking secret from her past that will make her question everything she though she knew about her family, her job, and the nature of reality.

Artist: Joe Ng (he/him)

Writer: Benjamin Hunting (he/him)

Letterer/Designer: Angela Hodge (she/her)

Colorist: Josh Perez (he/him)


*Note issues 2 and 3 were combined and released as a single comic book and never individually so it is one book nominated

Tales from the Interface #3

In a slowly decaying futuristic city, social class is determined by the amount of time you spend in a virtual world called: The Interface.

TALES FROM THE INTERFACE No.3 events take place in a dystopian megalopolis. It’s a harsh, violent city where citizens get slaughtered at the first sign of unruliness by the Robopaxes:  Nightmarish, Lovecraftian tentacular monsters. This grimful backdrop is punctuated by many amusing situations provided by the often clueless inhabitants of the city.

TALES FROM THE INTERFACE is a truly independent project. Besides proofreading, The project is handled singlehandedly by Emmanuel Filteau.

Story, art and colours by Emmanuel Filteau


Best Graphic Novel

Infinite Universe

Discover worlds. Question your own. It is the end of life on Earth.

For generations humans have waged war on themselves and their planet, and Earth can no longer support life. Recognizing their impending defeat, humans have taken their last remaining course of action to save their species: they are leaving Earth to live on another planet.

A team of humans, genetically enhanced for space travel, have been tasked with searching the galaxy for a planet that can sustain human life. What they discover will leave them with answers to the questions that humanity has always wondered.

What else is out there? Are we alone in the universe?

Infinite Universe is a science-fiction action-adventure that strikes at the heart of what it truly means to be human.

Pencils, Inks, & Colours by Steven Kaul (He/Him)

Script, Letters, & Graphic Design by Lyndon Radchenka (He/Him)


Death Kanji

Death Kanji is an 80-page samurai horror graphic novel written by Jordan Patrick Finn, illustrated by Greg Woronchak, coloured by A.H.G., and lettered by Lyndon Radchenka. With its roots in the short stories of HP Lovecraft and the films of Akira Kurosawa, Death Kanji tells the story of a samurai’s struggle to maintain his duty and honour when terrifying knowledge comes to light. It is a story about how we view the unknown, and our reactions to creatures and concepts that we do not fully understand.

Jordan Patrick Finn – writer

Greg Woronchak – artist

A.H.G., Taimia, Yousr Ghanem, Chris Smith – Colour

Lyndon Radchenka – letterer

Ariela Kristantina – cover artist

DC Hopkins – logo & cover design


XII: Of Magic and Muses Vol 3

Canadian comic book writer and artist K. Kiomall-Evans has completed the mammoth task of releasing the third and final volume of her ‘Magical Girl’ trilogy. The XII, clocking in at over 1000+ pages, has been an ongoing project since 2016 as a webcomic. Thanks to the wonders of Kickstarter and Kiomall-Evans’ loyal fanbase, The XII’s magical adventure series has now been released as three delightfully packaged Graphic Novel Volumes – Volume 1: Monsters, Volume 2: Mischief and Volume 3: Malice. She is excited to announce the release of the secondary series XII: Of Rogues and Remnants, releasing online in Jan 2023!

K. Kiomall-Evans (Cartoonist)

Rachel Ho (Cover Artist)

Alda Canito (Illustrator)

Dee Scarborough (Illustrator)

Laura Lee (Illustrator)


The Bridgebuilder’s Creed

After war tears through the fantastical land of TerraQuill, Bryatt “Yodel” Yodelson finds himself alone; the last surviving bridge builder in a world that’s becoming harder to recognize. When the appearance of a strange creature heralds a bright new future, Yodel finds himself trapped in the shade of his past. Can he reconstruct his life and find purpose in a world that has moved on without him?

Created by: Shawn Daley (he/him)


HΩME volume 2

Book 2 of the epic sci fi series, includes volume two of ARC29 by Marc Michaud and volume two of DEMETER by Daniel Michaud. Home is a joint effort by the Michaud Brothers, each telling their own story, set in a shared universe and cross-pollinating one another in unexpected ways. Arc29 tells the story of a young man inheriting a spaceship and coming to terms with his new responsibilities while Demeter recounts the struggle of a man on a heroic quest to found a colony on a harsh new planet. Available now from New Friday Comics. 

Story and art by Marc and Daniel Michaud

Edited by Tony White


Dr. Freckle Meets The Neighbors

Dr. Freckle is the journal of a cat psychologist who moves to a new neighborhood only to discover her new neighbors are Dr. Freckle meets the neighbors is the journal of a cat psychologist who moves to a new neighborhood only to discover her new neighbors are dealing with various mental disorders and tough life issues. And so, Freckle takes it upon herself to go around the neighborhood and help as many cats as she can, teaching her new friends more about themselves, each other, and how to deal with all the ups and downs of life.

Created by: Caroline Riley (author and illustrator) She/her



Kasama is the story of two travellers, Kia and Allison who are navigating their cultural differences as they hunt down one of the fiercest creatures in Filipino folklore, the manananggal.

Created by Allan Matudio, a visual artist, writer and organizer. Born to Filipino parents in Tio’tia:ke/Montréal, he currently works professionally as an illustrator in the video game industry. He’s been volunteering in grassroots Filipino organizations for several years.


Best Webcomic

The Prince and the Swan

Our comic was inspired from Tchaikovsky’s “The Swan Lake”. However we have twisted the characters, events, and setting into our own shape and made a story of loyalty, love, duty and greed that we are very excited to share with you all.

The comic begins, as fairy-tales so often do, in a faraway land, with mysterious events on the edge of a forest that will put the Prince of the kingdom on the path of an adventure that will forever change his fate, and the fate of two kingdoms.

April Pierce – Lead Artist and Lead Author

Gareth Cj Wee -Co-author

Mimi LeBlanc – Colourist

Dennis Yip – Assistant

Paul Brokenshire – Web Designer



Phantomarine is a spooky-but-sweet fantasy webcomic about a ghostly princess and her perilous journey across a haunted sea, hoping to save her soul from a devious, shapeshifting death god known as the Red Tide King.

Expect all manner of maritime mysteries – monstrous sea creatures, sacred lighthouses, strange afflictions, accursed marauders, feuding gods, grand sea battles, and a heaping helping of humor in-between!

Created by Claire Niebergall (she/her)


The Reaper and the Waiting

A Grim Reaper meets a mysterious soul who follows him around. There is something achingly familiar about this soul, and through their time together he discovers that there may be a link between them that transcends time.

Created by: January Sun (she/her)



Over twenty years after the world was invaded and then rescued from a terrifying alien force, humanity has begun to master the strange magic their enemy left behind. After spearheading the wartime research efforts, an organization called Wychwood has become the leading authority on magic and is aggressively hunting for new things to study. This is kind of a bad thing for Tiara, a delinquent who has been using a mysterious power to goof around for years without realizing the kind of attention it could attract.

Created by: Varethane (she/they)


How Baby

How Baby is an autobiographical comic that lies at the intersection of motherhood, self-identity, and societal expectations.  While the tone is light-hearted and often nerdy, it’s a comic for people who love their children but who also often feel overwhelmed, scared, sad, antagonized, or just plain bored by parenthood, and all the cultural baggage that comes along with it.

Created by: Lindsay Ishihiro


Practical Defense Against Piracy

Book Four in the Deliah Dirk series being released as a webcomic as it is made. In this book pirates force young Delilah to celebrate her birthday away from home, among many other wretched crimes.

Created by: Tony Cliff


Bicycle Boy

BICYCLE BOY is 400+ pages of post-apocalyptic adventure and gratuitous punching. It follows the cyborg Poet, who cannot recall anything before the day he woke up surrounded by corpses. He brushes himself off and stumbles into scorched wastelands, beatdowns, crumbling buildings, an oncoming identity crisis, and eventually, a sort of friendship. Every step heads toward something sinister. How many people will he pull down with him before his ramshackle body gives out?

Created by Jackarais


Cold Sweat

Cold Sweat is a gothic wlw romance between a newbie vampire and a rude, crossdressing woman. Brought together by their outsider status, they try their best to face the demons that plague their past—and future.

Created by Dreorcaul


Favourite Writer

Ricky Lima (he/him)

Ricky Lima is a book maker from Brampton, Ontario. He likes to write things that make you go Hmm.


Stephanie Cooke (she/her)

Stephanie is an award-winning writer and editor based out of Toronto. She’s a comic book fan, avid gamer, movie watcher, and lover of puns. Her writing work is featured in Mark Millar’s Millarworld Annual, Wayward Sisters, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Toronto Comics Anthology, and more. Oh My Gods! And ParaNorthern are out now from Etch (Clarion Books). A sequel to Oh My Gods! will be out in April 2022.


Adam Ma (he/him)

Adam Ma is a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction, and half of the creative team behind the webcomic, Folklore. When not plotting superhuman horror, he’s focused on bringing fantasy worlds to life, drafting tabletop adventures and resources for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. 


John Ward (he/him)

John Ward is a Vancouver-based writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. His recent comic book credits include Scratcher,  Acausal, and Offbeats, and his short fiction has been published by Black Hare Press and Printed Words. He’s a contributing writer for Sequential magazine, and also the creator of the 49 Degrees North Writers Podcast. Previously he was a theoretical physicist and guitarist in numerous punk/thrash bands.


Allison Danger (she/her)

Allison Danger loves traditional action packed storytelling with an emotional heart at the core. Her works are influenced by pop culture and Allison believes that every story needs a soundtrack. An author by trade she is the Writer/Creator of Blood & Motor Oil (GN – New Friday Publishing) & The Best of Us (GN – KDP), the author of We Save the World (Limited Series – AAM Markosia Publishing) and has written the upcoming late 2022 release, Post War (GN). Allison studied at Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Humber College School of Health Sciences Alumnus, but she also loves toilet humor, animals dressed as humans and all things drenched in chocolate.  With a handful of other secret projects in the works for 2022, Danger is a name you’ll see more of!


Jordan Patrick Finn (he/him)

Jordan Patrick Finn is the writer of horror graphic novels Death Kanji and Hellcraft, and freelance editor of short comics. He lives in the True North with his wife and husky, and spends his free time playing D&D.


Favourite Artist

Emmanuel Filteau (he/him)

Beginning his love affair with comics at an early age. Emmanuel has been independently publishing and his own comics since 1997 and TALES FROM THE INTERFACE since 2015. He’s also published in numerous anthologies/magazines. He sees art as a form of communication and his comic is a big part of how he talks to the world.


Vashperado (he/him)

Vashperado is a Toronto-based digital artist working by day in the Canadian FIlm Industry.  In 2021, he set out to self publish the comic series “88”, which saw it’s first issue released in the fall of that year.


Vinz El Tabanas (he/him)

Vinz El Tabanas is a video game concept artist currently working on Dead by Daylight for Behaviour Interactive. He is an illustrator for Upperdeck on the Alien and Marvel franchises and a cover artist for Zenescope, Coffin Comics and many others. RESILIENT features Vinz’s North American debut with interior artwork in a comic book.


Megan Huang (she/her)

Megan Huang is a sequential/ cover artist hailing from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. She’s been drawing professionally for over 6 years. Her works include: Jia and the Nian Monster, Rangers of the Divide, Star Wars, Aggretsuko and much more!


Jackarais (he/him)

Jackarais is a queer, Canadian comic artist that draws, explores, and really likes dogs. Bicycle Boy began as a 51k NanoWriMo novel in 2010 and is the main project siphoning Jack’s precious life energy to this day. He is immensely grateful for the editing help from his partner Umbrulla, and invaluable art advice from his dear friend Lorsenal.


Lindsay Ishihiro (they/them)

Lindsay is a Vancouver-based writer and artist for both video games and comics. They currently put out two webcomics: the autobiographical How Baby and the slow burn romance Motherlover. Their work often uses humour to gaze at the dark intersections of motherhood, self-identity, and societal expectations, with the occasional smattering of bawdy content for flavour. In their spare time they lift weights and play video games, though not at the same time.


Favourite Cartoonist (Writer and Artist)

Elaine M. Will (she/her)

Elaine M. Will (she/her) currently resides in Saskatchewan, where she works on comics and other illustration-type projects. In 2012, she received one of the last Xeric grants to publish her graphic novel Look Straight Ahead, loosely based on her own experience with mental illness. Elaine is currently working on a spiritual sequel of sorts, The Last Band On Earth, which is about a fledgling noise rock band trapped in a semi-post-apocalyptic city while fighting both literal and figural demons. You can follow her on Twitter, @ElaineMWill


Marc Michaud (he/him)

Marc Michaud is a transplanted Albertan living in Quebec with his wife and kids, making comics whenever possible. Being a stay-at-home dad allowed him and his family to travel while he finished his first book,  HΩME volume 1, which was first published in Malaysia in 2017 and then in America in 2021 by New Friday/Lev Gleason. Volume 2 was released just before the end of the year as well. He is continuing his work on the series and volume 3 should appear in 2022. HΩME is a joint project, done in collaboration with his brother, Daniel. Each of them writing and drawing their own story set in a shared sci-fi universe. 


Shawn Daley (he/him)

Shawn Daley is a cartoonist and chiptunist from Toronto, known for TerraQuill, Better Place, Samurai Grandpa, Lost Souls, OGRE, and other original graphic novels. He writes music for independent game developers when not working on comics, and enjoys few things more than an oversized bowl of cereal.


Claire Niebergall (she/her)

Claire Niebergall is an American animator and illustrator living in Vancouver, British Columbia. By day she works as a VFX and character animator on films and TV shows such as Captain America: The Winter SoldierAquamanGame of Thrones, and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. By night, she writes and illustrates her fantasy webcomic Phantomarine for Hiveworks, and participates as a speaker on the webcomic creator podcast Screen Tones.


Tony Cliff (he/him)

Tony Cliff is the New York Times Bestselling author of the critically-acclaimed DELILAH DIRK series of adventure graphic novels, the first of which was one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2013, and earned Eisner, Shuster, and Harvey nominations. More recently he wrote and illustrated LET’S GET SLEEPY for young readers. For adult audiences, he adapted and illustrated BUBBLE, a graphic novel based on the popular podcast. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his very patient partner and one alarmingly sweet young child.


Dreorcaul (she/her)

Dreorcaul is an illustrator capable of adapting to varied styles and character design. Her illustration Can range from the dramatic, humorous to downright horror.


Favourite Colourist

Donovan Yaciuk (he/him)

For almost a quarter century, colour artist Donovan Yaciuk has worked as a colourist for Marvel, DC, Chapterhouse Publishing and Dark Horse comics, honing his craft as a part of the legendary Digital Chameleon colouring studio.  
Donovan is a founding member of the independent collective of Canadian comic book creators known as the Canadian Comic Book Alliance. In addition to self-publishing his own series, Spacepig Hamadeus, Donovan has made numerous colour contributions to other great independent Canadian comics, including covers and interiors for Auric of the Great White North, Lucha Mystery, True Patriot Presents, Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death, The Adventures of Auroraman, Blackthorne, and Canadian Corps.  
With artists James Zintel and Justin Shauf, Donovan wrote and coloured Auroraman Annual #1, breaking the world record for the largest collection of independent Canadian Super-Heroes teaming up in a single issue in 2018.


Scott A Ford (he/him)

Scott A. Ford is an award winning comic creator, illustrator, and designer from Winnipeg, Canada. His work puts an emphasis on atmosphere and rich visuals, drawing inspiration from video games, graphic design, film, and animation. His comic projects include the upcoming Hologram Hunter, Boreal, Ark Land, Giants’ Well, Ocosomoso, and Romulus + Remus. Check out all of Scott’s art and comics at

Audra Balion (she/her)

Audra Balion is an interdisciplinary artist from Saskatoon. She has a passion for story telling and a love of the unusual. In 2013 she
earned a BFA in Studio Art with Great Distinction from the
University of Saskatchewan where she studied in both the Fine Art and Drama departments and has since continued to work in many art spaces. In the world of fine art, she has studied drawing with traditional and digital mediums, painting in acrylic and watercolour, several forms of sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, comics, performance art, and wearable art. In the world of theatre, she has experience in theatre design areas of props, set, and costumes, acting, writing, directing, dance choreography, stage combat, and the making of and performing with puppets and masks.


Favourite Letterer

Andrew Thomas (he/him)

Andrew Thomas is an award-winning artist & letterer from Mississauga who has worked for Disney,
Archie, Lev Gleason Publications and more. He’s the artist on the award-winning Canadian Indie comic series,
Auric of the Great White North.
He has illustrated covers and interiors for books such as Captain Canuck, Captain Canuck Adventures,
Auroraman, and Archie’s Friend Scarlet to name a few.
In addition to illustration, Andrew is also an accomplished letterer with credits including Captain Canuck,
Northguard, Freelance, and the rebooted Silver Streak comic from Lev Gleason’s Comic House, Disney Princess with Joe Books and others.


Toben Racicot (he/him)

Toben is a writer and letterer. He writes Crown & Anchor, Emulator, and Pilgrim’s Dirge. He’s worked on a variety of indie comics like Beastlands, Sidequest, Juniper, Gimmick, and the Bite of Brenna Barlow. He studies Role-Playing Games and Collaborative Worldbuilding at the University of Waterloo. He dreamt of being an aerospace engineer before failing high school physics.


Glen Carabin (he/him)

Glen Carabin is a comic book creator working out of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. After writing a story inspired by the neighbouring city of Dartmouth, though, he was unable to find an artist to illustrate his book so, encouraged by Words for Pictures, where Brian Michael Bendis writes, “Comic art does not have to be inked line art. It can be painting, etching, photography, multimedia, or any combination thereof”, Carabin got creative and through employing a Canon Rebel T2i, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Illustrator on a Mac mini, with Blambot fonts created by award-winning comic book letterer and graphic designer, Nate Piekos, he developed a unique comic art style that resulted in the creation of DART-MOUTH: A Supernatural, Superhero Thriller


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