The 2022 process for the Sequential Magazine Awards begins now! Creators can submit themselves and their work for consideration at the form linked in the button above. Then our magazine contributors will select their favourites to be our official nominees. Then in February fans will have the final vote on the nominees to determine the winners. The participation of fans in the process enhances our goal of building a vibrant indie comic community in Canada and distinguishes our awards from other Canadian comic awards.

So unlike previous years we are only taking nominations from the creators themselves. This change is needed because while the suggestions from fans was appreciated, it complicated the form, and required more work to follow up with creators to get their books to review. So dedicated fans still can contact @seqmagazine on twitter with their suggestions, or you can reach out to the creators directly so they can nominate themselves. Not all creators will necessarily be comfortable with awards or our process so we do have to respect their wishes if they want to participate or not.

So stay tuned for our final nominees and public voting in February!