It’s time for our final issue of the year! The unlucky issue 13 features Jay Stephens and his horror comic Dwellings! It’s not an only horror themed issue but there’s also Haley Boros’ contribution to Fantastic Freights and Troy Little’s Cthulu Rick and Morty crossover. Besides that there’s still plenty of variety for all readers! Thanks to Jay for drawing this unique cover summarizing all his characters. I’m also happy to have Richard Comely in the issue, having a new issue to discuss is exciting beyond him being in our historical article. We also get back to having some reviews as books were submitted to us which were interesting to cover. It could be a good way to cover Canadian comics from publishers that we don’t really focus on.

Inside This Issue:

  • Feature Interview with Jay Stephens (Dwellings)
  • Samantha Branch (Will Not Bow)
  • Dax Gordine (Forest Folk)
  • Troy Little (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas)
  • Soaring Penguin Press
  • Dave Praetorius (The City)
  • Richard Comely (Captain Canuck)
  • Haley Boros (Fantastic Freights)
  • Danesh Mohiuddin (RAID 4)
  • Review: 5 Stalks of Grain
  • Review: A Blanket of Butterflies

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In addition to 13 now being available digitally, we’re taking pre-orders for all the issues released this year! We aren’t at huge print volumes yet so bundling the printing keeps costs down amid inflation. They won’t be ready for Christmas unfortunately but they’ll be sent out in January! Pre-ordering is really helpful in making that happen and getting the order size right for collectors. Single issues will go up in January if you want just one particular issue.

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