It’s finally time to announce the nominees for our 2022 Sequential Magazine Awards sponsored by Strange Adventures Comics & Curiosities in Halifax NS, Dartmouth NS & Fredericton NB. The Sequential Magazine Awards, originating in 2017, are fan voted awards organized by Sequential Magazine to allow Canadian comic fans to show their appreciation for their favourite local indie comics and creators as well as discover more great Canadian made comics. Below are the names of this year’s nominees for comics published in 2021 and some information about them (listed in alphabetical order). Please read as much as possible to make your fair selection. These nominees were chosen by our magazine team based off of creator’s submissions. The winners are decided entirely by public vote so share your support for your favorite creators to help their chance of winning. Click the button below to go to the voting poll when you are ready. Voting ends at midnight Feb 28th. One vote per person please and a google account is required to enforce this.

Best Comic Book

Auric: A God in Plastic

It’s 1941… And it’s been nearly thirty years since Auric’s mission to save the north began, but even as his legend grows, he is still feared and shunned by most of the people he fights to protect. But now the world is is aflame, and not even the great protector can stay isolated from Hitler’s war. The Nazis have ensnared a dark power from Canada’s north, which could lead to the death of billions and doom for the Allied cause. Canada’s wartime mystery man, The Black Ensign, comes to recruit Auric to the war effort, and he’s not taking “No” for an answer!
Written by Mark Shainblum
Art by Dan Day
Lettering & Book Design by Andrew Thomas
Edited by Davis Dewsbury


Bullet Adventures #1

Bullet Adventures #1 is a brand-new chapter of the speedy hero’s life as Dale DeSouza, on the eve of his death, has an encounter with an acquaintance from the future, and takes a journey to his past. This book celebrates the pure fun of comics and positions itself to be the next big thing in superheroes.
Story by Jordan Alsaqa & Randy Stone
Art & colour by Lara Kane
Letters by Lucas Gattoni
Cover by Nicolás Carrizo & Francesca Cittarelli



A tale of two people clinging to survival and one another as they drift, lost, through deep space. Deals with themes of PTSD, caregiver burnout, and love.

Written by Leland Bjerg and Art by Casey Poznikoff


Group of 7 Comics #8 Peregrines Part II

Front line nurses. Home front defenders. Fighting in the shadows, the Peregrines protect Canada from threats unknown and unbelievable. After a routine operation exposes a sinister conspiracy, the Peregrines must confront old ghosts and contend with an enemy that threatens their very existence in a global adventure of action and intrigue.

In Part II of this continuing saga, the Peregrines pursue their prey and discover an earth-shattering revelation that shakes the team to its core.

Written by Chris Sanagan (he/him)

Art by Jason Lapidus (he/him)


Nyobi Origins #1

Before developing her powers, Nyobi was performing in all-girl J-pop super-group The Geisha Dolls. At age 16, during a meet-and-greet at the Mega-Plex mall in Tokyo, Nyobi’s powers manifested while she was being mobbed by a large group of fans. A ring of light flashed in front of everyone’s eyes and she was gone.She reappeared at the back of the building, and quickly realized her life was about to change forever. This is her story.

NYOBI ORIGINS #1 is 35 PAGES OF STORY AND ART. The story is written by Larry Higgins, the pages are by artist Juan Antonio Ontiveros with colors by Dan Olvera.


Relatable Young Adult Mystery Comic

New Kid is new to the local high school. She is having a tough time making friends until one fateful afternoon Cool Terry recruits her to join the Mystery Gang. A group of relatable young adults who each have their own highly relatable traits. The Mystery Gang is made up of Cool Terry, Tech Wizard, Spooky Beth, and Love Triangle Girl. They need New Kid’s help to solve a mysterious shooting at the local laser tag hall. Who replaced the laser guns with real guns?

Written in parts like a game of broken telephone where Fred Kennedy and Ricky Lima try to up the insanity at every turn, Relatable Young Adult Mystery Comic is a completely bonkers parody of poorly written and cliche Young Adult stories. Chock full of action, mystery, romance, and dogs made of dynamite RYAMC (as the kids call it) will have you laughing, crying, and saying wtf?! at every page.

Art by Noel Tuazon

Cover by Leslie Doyle


These Damn Kids

An ancient Evil awakens in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Something wicked has whispered dark secrets to the  children. What are the grisley symbols they are creating outta the flesh and bones of their loved ones? The town sheriff has brought in a young rookie cop, Gary Marshall, to help with what’s going on and hopefully get to the bottom of why it’s happening.Who can stop…THESE DAMN KIDS.

Brought to you by:

Writers Peter Breau and Bradley Golden

Art: Helmut Racho.

Letters: Hector Negrete.

Editor: Marcus Roberts.

Publisher: Secondsight Publishing.


Witch Hazel

WITCH HAZEL follows a chaotic day in the life of Hazel, a talented witch whose life has come to a halt after dropping out of magic school- until she awakens from a night out to find she has accidentally accepted EVERY posting on a spellcaster job app AND landed a date with the girl of her dreams, Alice. Can Hazel complete all of her tasks in time for her hot date? Not if the interdimensional beings she inadvertently summoned have anything to say! Action, Comedy, Romance, Magic and Monsters- Just a day in the life of a Witch named Hazel.

Writing and Layouts by Colton Fox (He/Him)

Art by Beige Blum (She/They)

Lettering by Matt Krotzer

Colour by Beige Blum, Jessica Huynh & Colton Fox


Best Graphic Novel

And We Love You

They say war is a story told by the survivors, but what of the stories that never got told? Amidst a violent dystopian war, a young soldier perishes on the battlefield and begins to bleed out all her memories. Dripped away in blood-soaked panels, this is the powerful tale of one woman’s life, death, and the love which transcends both.

Story/Art by Fell Hound (she/her)

Lettering by Lucas Gattoni

Editted by Frankee White


Butterfly House

Hidden in the forest on the outskirts of a quiet town there is a mysterious old house with a secret history. A nexus point where two timelines converge, an unsuspecting girl falls victim to its trap. Neither here nor there, she tries to piece together the puzzle of the father and son who once lived there while trying desperately to hold onto the memory of who she herself once was.

Created by Troy Little (He/Him) and Brenda Hickey (She/Her)



If two women were trapped aboard a spaceship, and one was a malfunctioning AI, and the other was trying to kill the first one with a hatchet, would that be messed up or what?

Created by Jessica Peng (she/her)



A psychological horror about tattoos that possess people. A talented but tortured tattoo artist risks everything to save her clients when they become possessed by the tattoos she inked on them.

Written by John Ward

Art by Juan Romera

Lettered by: Eric Grissom


Siegfried: Dragon Slayer

Impulsive young Prince Siegfried craves glory and recognition from his aloof parents, the king and queen of Denmark. Starting a war with a neighbouring country and seeking out the most feared dragon in the realm seems like a good place to start.

An epic tale full of action, adventure, mythological beasts, magical swords, powerful rings, and a treacherous companion.

Adapted from the ancient Norse mythological Völsunga Saga, Siegfried: Dragon Slayer is the first in a two-part series by Canadians Mark Allard-Will and Jasmine Redford.

Mark Allard-Will (writer)

Jasmine Redford (illustrator)

Elaine M. Will (letterer)



Degree in hand, Faith Richmond’s big dreams soon meet the reality that wanting to change the world doesn’t mean you actually can. Struggling to find work as she watches her friends get ahead, it feels like her dreams have become nightmares. What Faith doesn’t know is that she is making a difference. When she sleeps, her subconscious takes over as a real superhero, making the world better in ways she never imagined. Convinced her life won’t fail to start forever, Faith decides the only way to deal with #thestruggle is to push through it, risking her dignity and her future in the process. That’s when the real nightmares begin.

written by Danny Gorny

illustrated by Greg Woronchak

coloured by Felipe Obando

lettered by Marco Della Verde


The Last Tide

As told by renown fantasy writer pirateaba, The Last Tide is the story of Solca Vis, a young woman transported into another world. Rather than landing near any nation or continent on earth, Solca finds herself at the end of the world. A [Fisher] by class and a fisherwoman by trade, Solca Vis will discover what classes, levels, monsters, and magic are at the place where even [Stormcaptains] and the bravest of adventurers fear to sail.

pirateaba (Writer)

Shane Sandulak (Artist)

Matías Zanetti (Letterer)


The Witch of Wickerson

In the quiet sanctuary of Wickerson Grove a haunting figure of legend is about to ascend upon the community. This is a story about a Witch and her cat, Samson who gather, cook and feast on the small inhabitants of the Grove before falling back into their long slumber. When his son goes missing at the hands of the Witch, Toben embarks on a dangerous journey to get him back at all costs. 
Created by Derek Laufman


Best Graphic Novel Anthology


Dead Work is a collection of short comics from a group of Canadian comic creators known as the Dead Work Collective.

The Dead Work Collective originally came together when we realized we had all been making cool comics together we were extremely proud of, and we wanted to find a home for the shorter and more experimental comics we had done.

So, we made one.

Dead Work is a collection of twenty-two fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and altogether undefined genres of comics collected into one volume. Think of it as an awesome comics charcuterie board.

We hope you’re hungry

Edited by Adam Petrash

Book design by Lyndon Radchenka


Fantastic Frights

Evil dust bunnies, botanical horrors, werewolf landlords, and more! We’ve gathered all of our most thrilling tales together in this terrible tome of terrors, known only as… FANTASTIC FRIGHTS! Drawing inspiration from shows like Tales from the Crypt and Freaky Stories, Fantastic Frights is a dreadfully delightful return to the pulp horror anthologies of the past, featuring stories from over 20 creators that are sure to entertain both new readers and seasoned horror veterans alike!

Edited by: Evan Waterman & Hannah Myers

Book design by Jeff Ellis


The PopTerra Collection

Featuring a diverse cast, and spanning centuries and continents, even glancing at our Ai laden future, the six graphic novels of PopTerra Collection speak of death, rebirth, and what it means to live and teach as a hero.

by Dominic Bercier, J.F.Martel, Kristopher Waddell, Bernard A.Poulin, with music by Nicholas Bercier. Fr. ed. translated by D. Bercier, J.F. Martel and Nathan Caro Fréchette.


Best Webcomic

Conceptual Heist

Jemma Heiss is the greatest art thief in the world, and she’s expanding her area of operations. The first story arc has Jemma making her way to the New Manhattan casino space station, where she claims to be just another socialite with too much money, but she is actually planning on stealing one of the most famed paintings in history. The second story arc sees Jemma investigating an art theft connected to her mentor, Knox Knott, and his past as a thief.

Running since April 2015 Conceptual Heist, written by Jay D’Ici, and Drawn by Matt G. Gagnon, and Jenny Godin, created by D’Ici & Gagnon, has been acclaimed for its art and compelling storytelling.


False Knees

Comics about sad birds

What are those birds so sad about?

Created by Joshua Barkman (he/him)



GODSLAVE is about a girl tricked into working for a god claiming to be Anubis. Tasked with bringing him back to power, she’ll fight monsters, magic, and other gods of the Egyptian Pantheon.

Created by Meaghan Carter (she/her)



Anna “Lobster” Latzer is a comic artist who loves to make comics for and about weirdos. She was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and currently works as a storyboard artist in Toronto, Ontario. In her free time she works on her webcomic “Lobsterland!” which features characters such as “Adult Baby Who Recites 100 Digits of Pi,” “My Secret Hobo,” and “Frogs Guy.”


Poppy: The Girl Who Slept-In 100 Years

Poppy: The Girl Who Slept-In 100 Years

A teen from the 1920s sleeps in and wakes up in the 2020s. She happily adjusts to the new world, bringing the joyful and carefree attitude of the old 20’s into the tired and nihilistic world of the new 20’s.

By: Matthew Senn (he/him)


Power 9

Dive into the haunting and perverse world of Power 9, a graphic novel that uncovers the psychological horror of a collector’s obsession with Wizard cards. Follow Rudy’s descent into weirdness as he becomes consumed by his need to acquire the rarest cards and uncover the mysterious subculture of gamers in this thrilling tale.

Written by David Little (he/him)

Written and Drawn by John Little (he/him)


Soul to Call

The world has never been the same since the Fall. Over two thirds of the human population are dead, otherworldly abominations wander the ruins, and the occult runs rampant.

In hopes of salvaging the only scrap of family remaining in her life, aloof courier Avril seeks an Anathema, a creature rumored to have the abilities that she’ll need if she wishes to be reunited with her blood.

Created by Rommie (she/they)


Why Do Angels Scream

Two hundred twenty two years ago Clara of the Cardinal Crusade mounted an assault on the holy Mount Lucidious, killed god, and opened the door giving man the knowledge of angel magics. Today, Zeta joins a secret research project tasked with understanding what is possibly the last living angel.

Created by Steven Charles Rosia (he/him) and Gaia Cardinali (she/her)


Favourite Writer

Dino Caruso (he/him)

Dino Caruso lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife and two boys. He can usually be found down in the basement, working away at the next script after everyone’s gone to sleep. Since 2009, he’s had many short stories published in anthologies from a variety of publishers. Longer projects, such as “FISK: The S.U.B.S.T.I.T.U.T.E” & “Dark Lies, Darker Truths” were published by Caliber Comics and Markosia Enterprises. He’s incredibly grateful to the many talented collaborators he’s worked with over the years.


Leland Bjerg (he/him)

Leland Bjerg is a three-time finalist in Platform Comics’ 10k Comic Challenge and Short Comic competitions for his writing and lettering. Leland has published comics with Fugitive Poems and Bad Neighbor Comics. He wrote the sci-fi novella, Re:Awaken, for Splice Comics

He currently works as a freelance writer, letterer, and editor. He lives in British Columbia with his wife and a swarm of dogs.


Mark Bertolini (he/him)

Mark Bertolini is a Toronto-based writer of comic books and graphic novels. His first published original graphic novel was the post-apocalyptic tale Long Gone in 2012. He has created and written other titles such the super-smart thriller Knowledge; the grindhouse/sci-fi mashup Scum of the Earth, the superhuman crime caper Bastard’s Waltz, the pulp-style anthology The Hand of Glory, the time travel story The Argus, and most recently, the lighthearted mashup comic Bigfoot Frankenstein. Mark has also contributed many short stories to such anthologies as Caliber Presents; the mind-bending Imaginary Drugs; and the New York Times Bestselling FUBAR series. Mark is a father of two and stepfather of two more, and with his wife Julia, he is raising the next generation of avid readers and creators.


Mark Shainblum (he/him)

Mark Shainblum is an award-winning comics and science fiction writer. He co-created the Northguard and Angloman superhero series with Gabriel Morrissette, and has also written Captain Canuck,  Michael Moorcock’s Corum novels, and, most recently, Auric: A God in Plastic in collaboration with Dan Day. He has been published by Matrix Comics, First Comics, Broadway Comics, Titan Comics, and Great North Comics, among others.

Mark has written numerous science fiction stories for various magazines and anthologies, and co-edited three anthologies: Arrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas, Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, and the upcoming Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People, the latter in collaboration with Andrea Lobel.

Mark is a recipient of the Aurora Award for Canadian science fiction, and in 2016 was inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame. He is also a past-president of SF Canada, Canada’s national association of science fiction professionals.


Michael McAdam (he/him)

Michael McAdam is a Canadian author, actor, comedian, voice-over artist and virally famous flight attendant who is never happy doing just one thing. He is the father of two grown children and his own inner child is much more “outer” than inner! He lives in Airdrie, Alberta with his comic book collection and arcade machine.


Roddy Williams (he/him)

Originally from Halifax, Roddy now lives on Vancouver Island with his wife Jessica and 3 (insert judgement here) cats. In 2016, Roddy started writing SINCLAIR, then drawing, then writing again, stopping, drawing, and repeating the cycle until A) The screenplay and comic scripts for SINCLAIR were finished and B) he discovered Crizam Zamora’s linework and Caroline Nolasco’s colours, both of whom he promptly corralled into his grail quest. SINCLAIR is Roddy’s first fully realized self-published comic.


Favourite Artist

Dan Day (he/him)

Dan Day is a Canadian Comic Book Artist whose career has spanned five decades!  Dan’s credits include; Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Captain America, Detective Comics, Doctor Strange, Elvira, Lost in Space, Man From UNCLE, Marvel Comics Presents, Master of Kung-Fu, Nightmare on Elm Street, Pinhead, Quasar, Ravers, Star Trek, Stark Future, Swamp Thing


Meaghan Carter (she/her)

Meaghan is a Toronto-based comic artist, who loves aggressive female leads and supernatural partnerships. She’s worked as an artist and colorist for Oni Press, Harper Alley and Chapter House, and with anthologies Wayward Kindred, Valor and Toronto Comics Anthology. She is the author of GODSLAVE, and action/urban fantasy egyptian mythology webcomic.


Robert Doan (he/him)

Starting his career in comics as an inker, Robert has worked with companies such as Disney, Dynamite Entertainment, Top Secret Press, DC Comics, Alterna Comics, IDW and was one of the three creators that started Sandstone Comics, PEI’s first publishing house. Indestructible is Robert’s first creator owned book, with many more to come.


Scott B. Henderson (he/him)

I’ve always made pictures to stories, and I am very privileged to have made a career out of it. I am a graduate of the University of Manitoba School of Fine Art. My first commissioned work began in 2008, and in 2009 I did my first published graphic novel, 7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga with HighWater Press (written by David Alexander Robertson). I have since illustrated over 20 comics and graphic novels, working with Indigenous writers, and helping others to get their stories to a wider audience.

I currently reside in Winnipeg, MB; Treaty 1 territory, traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. I am a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community.


Sharon “Shiro” Gauthier (they/them)

Grown organically without pesticides in Gaspé, Québec, they’ve been drawing since the tender age of 3 years and two days old and shows no signs of stopping!

Lover of comics, reading AND creating, They’ve done colours and Illustrations for various Canadian comics such as Auric of the Great White North and Auroraman; they also have their own webcomics residing on Tapas, Webtoon and Global Comix


Steven Legge (he/him)

Originally from Nova Scotia, Steven now lives and works in Ottawa. Steven started drawing comics as a kid but things didn’t get more “serious” until 2012. Steven has done art, lettering and colouring for David Richards’ “Alexandra Forever”, Martian Lit’s “Necropolitan” as well as “Synthetics” series of comics. Steven was also colourist for Steve Rude’s Nexus: The Coming of Gourmando newspaper strips.


Favourite Cartoonist (Writer and Artist)

Derek Laufman (he/him)

Derek Laufman has been a professional comic artist and illustrator for over 20 years and resides In London, Ontario CANADA. He studied Classical animation at Sheridan College, and for several years now Derek has been drawing and creating his own comics and Graphic Novels including Ruinworld, Bot-9 and The Witch of Wickerson. Derek is also a freelance illustrator who has worked with Marvel, Dreamworks, TOPPS, Hasbro and Mattel. He is the designer of Marvel’s Super Hero Adventure line as well as DC’s Super Friends.


Haley Boros (she/her)

Haley Boros is an award winning graphic designer, illustrator, and published cartoonist from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

Her creative practice often focuses on projects that are cute and feisty, with hints of fantasy and fun – think dogs doing fantasy jobs!

She has contributed to several comic and art anthologies since 2017, all of which are displayed proudly on book shelves in her art studio.


Joshua Barkman (he/him)

Joshua Barkman writes and illustrates False Knees from his apartment in Montréal which he shares with his partner and two cats.


Matthew Daley (he/him)

Matthew Daley is a digital illustrator from Toronto. As a self-publisher he has collaborated with writer Cory McCallum on several books over the past decade. Their 2012 noir homage, The Pig Sleep won The Gene Day Award at the 2013 Joe Shuster Awards. Assorted Baggage–his first solo outing–was published by Black Eye Books in 2022 and follows an unnamed duck protagonist through a series of silent adventures.


Robb Mirsky (he/him)

Robb Mirsky is a cartoonist/illustrator from Toronto. He has been self-publishing comics on and off for 20 years. He is an active member of Toronto’s comic scene; tabling at shows across the city, a participant of the Toronto Comic Jam, and a loiterer around The Beguiling.

In 2015, Robb, along with friends David Craig and James Spencer formed ‘Read More Comix!’ (RMC), a collective and anthology project that produced five issues of their comic, aptly titled “Read More Comix!”

Currently Robb has recently finished drawing issue #5 his long form comic, Sludgy, to be released sometime in 2023. In the meantime, Robb is working on a new batch of mini comics for the year, that will first be released to ‘The Mirsktoons Mail Club’ his patreon subscribers, and then out to the general public.


The Becka (she/her)

Becka is a freelance artist and comic creator based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. In her spare time she hangs out with her dog and Netflix, looks for planets on clear nights, and drinks large amounts of tea. Best known for her award winning horror comic, Gehenna: Death Valley (2020 Gene Day Award, Joe Shuster Awards) and Dracula: Visions by Slampress Tomes, both successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. In 2022 she self published issue 1 of The Wormhole Club Tragedy.


Favourite Colourist

Chase Kantor (he/him)

CHASE KANTOR is a writer/colour artist living in Edmonton, AB. Chase launched his debut graphic novel The Saga of the Jack of Spades in 2019 through Renegade Arts Entertainment. The sequel, Alice of Spades, is due to hit shelves in September 2023. He has way too many cats. Please come take some cats.


Dave Praetorius (he/him)

Dave spent his formative years reading and drawing comics. After a 10 year hiatus from the medium, he returned to it in 2021 and began experimenting with digital illustration. Within 2 months he was recruited as colourist for “The City”, a hyper saturated cyberpunk crime story. When he’s not colouring comics, he enjoys putting pen to paper and creating his own black and white, often wordless stories.


Dominic Bercier (he/him)

Dominic Bercier is a Canadian illustrator, designer, comics writer, and visual artist. He is Mirror Comics Studios’ principal creator, owner, and founder, and has over 40 years of experience in visual storytelling. He is as an Associate of OCAD, with a degree in illustration which he earned while drawing backgrounds for Image Comics, Dark Horse, Top Cow Productions, and more. He is a multi-award-winning and nominated cartoonist with the goal of making the world a better place through creativity, art, and culture. His first published illustration was in 1983.


Jessica Huynh (she/her)

Jessica Huynh, also known as Very Berry Art is a Chinese-Canadian based creative that works with both illustration and graphic design. She loves sweet desserts, colourful illustrations, and anything anime related! As an independent creator, she has had the opportunity to work with Yosh.TO, MKTG Sports and Entertainment and other independent clients.


Favourite Letterer

Andrew Thomas (he/him)

Andrew Thomas is a Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, and Comic Book Letterer from Brantford, Ontario. As an illustrator, Andrew has done interior and cover art for Dark Horse Comics, Secret Stash Press, Lev Gleason, Archie Comics and other independent publications. His most notable achievement was winning the Favorite Artist and Favorite Comic Book awards at the Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki Awards for his acclaimed and co-created Canadian comic series, Auric of the Great White North.

As a Comic Book Letterer, Andrew has worked on over 150 publications for publishers including Disney, Archie Comics, Lev Gleason, and most recently, Dark Horse & Secret Stash Press where he is working on new comics from Writer/Director — Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith!

Follow him on Instagram: @thefatmanwholetters


Jeff Martin (he/him)

Jeff Martin is an award-winning cartoonist from Edmonton, Alberta, and is definitely not a robot. He has written and drawn graphic novels for clients including Simon & Schuster, Games Workshop,, heavy metal icons GWAR, and Renegade Arts Entertainment. His works also include the Hockeypocalyspe series of graphic novels and his webcomic, Hell, Inc. He can usually be found in the section of his living room that he refers to as his “comics bunker,” which doesn’t make him sound like a madman at all.


Michael McAdam (he/him)

Michael McAdam is a Canadian author, actor, comedian, voice-over artist and virally famous flight attendant who is never happy doing just one thing. He is the father of two grown children and his own inner child is much more “outer” than inner! He lives in Airdrie, Alberta with his comic book collection and arcade machine.


Steven Legge (he/him)

Originally from Nova Scotia, Steven now lives and works in Ottawa. Steven started drawing comics as a kid but things didn’t get more “serious” until 2012. Steven has done art, lettering and colouring for David Richards’ “Alexandra Forever”, Martian Lit’s “Necropolitan” as well as “Synthetics” series of comics. Steven was also colourist for Steve Rude’s Nexus: The Coming of Gourmando newspaper strips.


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