Hey folks, it’s been a while and it’s kind of crazy out there so here’s some positive mainly, can-con comics news! Lets take a whirl wind tour of what’s been going on this week.

The poster for the 2023 Doug Wright Awards, by Jay Stephens!
The poster for the 2023 Doug Wright Awards, by Jay Stephens!

This incarnation of our venerable C-List is going to be a weekly[?] Friday summery of things we’ve shared from Canadian creators, publishers and retailers on our FB page, with at times some notes for context.

We’ll see if we can keep it regular for a bit solo but also I’d love to have some Can-con specific guest bloggers either share their own C-Lists or other content like we’ve done in the past. If you’re interested in participating with the Sequential site activity drop us a line!

We kicked the week off with our own Sequential Magazine Awards announced, Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups and everyone. And kudos to Sequential Magazine Editor and Chief Brendan Montgomery for putting it all together!

Best Comic Book: WINNER: Witch Hazel ; SECOND: Capsules; THIRD: Auric: A God in Plastic!

Best Graphic Novel: WINNER: The Witch of Wickerson; SECOND: Cynosure; THIRD: The Last Tide!

Best Graphic Novel Anthology: WINNER: Fantastic Frights; SECOND: Dead Work; THIRD: The PopTerra Collection!

Best Webcomic: WINNER: False Knees; SECOND: GODSLAVE; THIRD: Poppy: The Girl Who Slept-In 100 Years!

Favourite Writer: WINNER: Leland Bjerg; SECOND: Mark Bertolini; THIRD: Dino Caruso!

Favourite Artist: WINNER: Meaghan Carter; SECOND: Sharon Gauthier; THIRD: Scott B. Henderson!

Favourite Cartoonist: WINNER: Haley Boros; SECOND: Joshua Barkman; THIRD: The Becka!

Favourite Colourist: WINNER: Jessica Huynh; SECOND: Dave Praetorius!

Favourite Letterer: WINNER: Andrew Thomas; SECOND: Steven Legge!

It’s award season across Canada too, so lets look at a few in the feeds this week!

C-: A couple days ago, Conan Tobias announced the nominees of the 19th annual Doug Wright Awards! We posted those here along with the lovely new livery created for this years edition of the DWA.

C-: DUCKS by Kate Beaton has won the CBC’s Canada Reads! It’s the first graphic novel to win in the competition’s history!

C-: The nominees for some of the 24th Bédélys Awards have been revealed. The awards are given for Best comic book created and published in Quebec, Bédélys Youth Québec Award, Bédélys Independent Francophone Award, Bédélys Independent Anglophone Award, a Bédélys Youth Award, and the Bédélys International Award!

C-: Johnnie ChristmasSWIM TEAM has won the Children & YA Literary Award for best Graphic Novel! Awarded by BCALA – The Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

C-: It was last week but we’d like to mention Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières gave it’s book awards including those for Adult and Kids BD. Boum took best adult book for her new graphic novel LA MEDUSE, and Geneviève Bigué won for best Kids BD for Parfois les lacs brûlent!

C-: Not so happy news but you should be following the public posts of Steven Gilbert who’s been closing up his Newmarket comic shop The Fourth Dimension due to rent increases making it no longer viable to keep going. We talked to him as part of our profile on how retailers were managing the pandemic a while back here, and it seemed like he almost pulled through but the notice of this increase in his overhead put and end to that. 🙁

Steven is also a cartoonist so it’s sad to see the departure of a retailer who was a really cool supporter of indie comics, but maybe that means we get more new comics from him too? Trying to see the upside as I never got to visit the shop in person myself. We need to get him to set up a way to order his books! ED: for now he says anyone wanting to can message him over on FB!

C-: in other news, have you been reading Boum’s webcomics? You should be!

C-: The Prairie Pop Culture Celebration is first up with it’s April 1st event! That’s tomorrow!

C-: Oh yeah and and we just shared the Prairie Comics Festival’s 3 Canadian Comics Headliner Guests here!

C-: The Vancouver Comiccon has a really cool poster for it’s May 14th show spotlighting one if it’s big name guests’ work! [link][link][link]

C-: The the floor plan of the 2023 Ottawa Mini-Comiccon is out!

C-: The guest list for the Festival BD de Montréal (FBDM – MCAF) Montréal Comic Art Festival are being announced!

C-: And the Montreal Comiccon is rolling out their’s!

C-: And last for the guest lists but far from least, TCAF is posting their lineups as well! And their new poster by Eric Kostiuk Williams! I think that’s the first one for 2023?

C-: The London Ont 2023 Ting Festival is rolling out it’s programing and guests over here! Looking like a cool one.

C-: Winding up to the festival season, there’s been a bumper crop of Canadian Comic Crowd Funders and new books getting ready to launch too. Here’s a hot list of upcoming preorders and active drives!
Jason Copland’s long time coming FULL TILT is up for preorder on Zoop!
7 days left for Jason Bradshaw’s Bore: A best of collection of the semi autobio comix zine.
13 days left for Emmanuel Filteau’s Tales from the Interface 4!
– Lethal Comics has 4 days left for Karl Kerschl’s love letter to Manga, Death Transit Tanager!
– And right after it, they’ll be rolling out Andrew Belanger’s MOTHER TRUCKER 3 THE HEAT!
– Simon Sim Pothier’s NATverse #2 has 9 days left to build on it’s primary goals!
– There’s 5 days left in the drive for FOREST FOLK: 3 books of mischief, hilarity, & shenanigans!
Probably forgetting something but that’s a good start at depleting your paychecks!

C-: Mailing lists and Substacks are where it’s at these days to keep up with a lot of creators, you can read all about it on these posts:
From the desk of François Vigneault.
John Martz / Notes from Beyond – The itch… to etch.
Ed Brisson’s East Coast Dispatches.
The Zubstack Zubby Newsletter #4 is subalicious.
Jeff Lemire’s Tales From the Farm is worth signing up for.
Kalman Andrasofszky is on a long Winding Path.
Chip Zdarsky’s Newsletter is more than Okay, it’s entertaining.
And I’ve not updated for a bit but plan to get back to my Mind Engine this weekend, sign up to get it, my comics podcast and other bits. – Max aka Salgood Sam.

C-: Did you know Eric Orchard has two Instagram feeds? I just noticed. he posts even more stuff over on Facebook and also just started a discord here for fantasy comics!

C-: Give your eyes over to some of the stuff Nick Klie is posting for Life The Necropolis! We share his stuff from FB here a lot the last couple weeks.

C-: Denis Rodier has a great feed for those of you hungery for inking and process, check out all the clips and art!

C-: Richard Pace is live streaming from his home studio for a remote attendance of C2E2. He’s drawing commissions from his studio during the whole weekend, there’s already 9+ hours on this one so far!

C-: If you don’t subscribe, you should check out Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens and other comics! Peck it now!

C-: Jonathan D. Burrello has a bunch of fun stuff you should be checking out.

His Haunted Safari and Barb webcomics are must subs, and he’s got a fun looking series of Loveable Monster Holiday books with Michelle Franklin – Dragons Don’t Celebrate Passover, Werewolves Don’t Celebrate Hanukkah & The Orc Who Saved Christmas – look well worth your pocket change too!

C-: Gisele Lagace is our feature creator for Sequential Magazine issue 14 and the new cover has been unveiled! You can pre-order the print issue now with optional #TCAF pick up if you’re going! PreOrder now, it really helps us to judge how many to print!

Ok, there’s a LOT more I’ve not included here posted over the last week, to keep up with it all go over here, like and follow the FB page and if you’re a Canadian creator promoting your own stuff, tag us, join the group, or message us your posts so we can share them too!

I’m going to get back to my own things, I’ve been pretty unwound after the winter holidays and not keeping up with my own comics work or substack, but going to get back in the saddle starting this weekend myself. Here’s the page i’m in the midst of right now! ~ Max aka Salgood Sam.