This Canada Day we reflect on what we love about our country and I love our comic book making community!

Everyone I’ve met has been so kind and amazingly talented. I started Sequential Magazine because I didn’t have a place to go learn about what books were even out there. So I made one to do my part to share all of the awesome comics being made. I couldn’t have done it without all of our volunteer contributors to each issue. So for our 15th issue I thought I would mark the occasion by talking to some of Canada’s best talents with indie comics roots. They may be doing bigger and better projects now but they still bring the same indie spirit to all of their work.

So for Sequential Magazine 15 I present to you a double feature of Jim Zub and Ryan North!  Jim Zub started off in indie publishing and broke through with his creator owned image books Skullkickers and WaywardRyan North began with web comic Dinosaur Comics and has been doing creatively diverse projects ever since! Two excellent inspirations for our Canadian indie comics community.

In addition to issue 15 we will also be releasing a special bonus issue to mark the occasion! The bonus issue will collect our best previously published articles from issues 1 to 10 to give people a way to catch up and enjoy our previous work without reading all the issues. This will also help replace issues 1 to 8 in print which we will no longer be printing once they sell out.

Both of these issues will be available first exclusively through a crowdfundr campaign we will be launching on July 8! Crowdfundr powers our online store and is a new service from a reputable Canadian digital fundraising company. It is now a certified B Corporation meaning they are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. This gives us a Canadian based alternative to other crowdfunding platforms which matches our values and ethics.

Now check out the covers for both issues below which are nearly final but could still be subject to change.

Cover art is from Skullkickers 10th anniversary book by Edwin Huang and Misty Coats with added elements from Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics and Erica Henderson’s cover for their book Dangers and Other Unknown Risks
This cover is a collage of all previous covers for issue 1-10 plus a bit more. Though not all of these articles will necessarily be chosen to include in the issue.

Thank you all for reading and Happy Canada Day!

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  1. Happy Canada Day!

    Keep fighting the good fight on behalf of the Canadian Comics Community!

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