This blog exists to give Canadian creators and publishers a stronger voice in the north american market.

To raise the profile of new talented creators, promote the local, the quality over quantity, revive our history and celebrate our avant-garde.

We believe this is the best way to help build local markets and readerships.

There are many benefits from living next door to the world’s largest English language publishing market. But it’s easy to get lost in its shadows.

Originally launched in August of 2001 as the news page of the MMCJ’s [Monthly Montreal Comix Jam] website. Revamped and beginning to resemble something like it’s current self by December 2002, Sequential is a blog dedicated to spotlighting Canadian comic art, business and culture from clear across this vast and diverse country, and the more notable international tectonic movements of the Sequential arts.

We are essentially a private volunteer-run, non-profit site. Doing it for the love and vested self-interests. We published Special Print editions for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Toronto Comic Art Festivals, and then in 2019 Brendan Montgomery joined our ranks and has taken the reigns of a new digital and Print On Demand relaunch of the Magazine. You can see the first three online here. And Check out the new series, now in its second year here!

We also curate a YouTube Play-list of Canadian content that you can watch via the top right of the page, on the site or in a pop-out window, or from this link.

We’re on twitter here, and you can friend our fan page on facebook ici!

Want to join the team or submit a story? Contact us! Stories can be submitted here!.
We will accept French and English texts.

Max and Bryan at the Dragon in Guelph.


B.Montgomery – CICBW


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