If you’re a Canadian Comics creator, publisher or retailer, and want us to share your news, you can email us at sequential@spiltink.org for the blog and sequentialmag@gmail.com for our magazine. We don’t often review comics on the blog but do for the magazine so use that address if you’d like to send a review copy for consideration.

FYI we DO NOT publish paid advertorial content at all so do not bother writing about that, you will be spam blocked. If you would like to pay for an Ad block or page in the magazine however feel free to contact Brendan Montgomery at the second email address about rates.

Alternately you can use this form to write us as well. Same rules apply, we’re only interested in Can-con comics news, and ads for the magazine that are clearly ads not advertorial.

Also we’re pretty active in sharing content on the FB page for our blog so tagging us with your social media posts there and joining the Sequential group are good ways to let us know what you’re doing.