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The Sequential Magazine Awards are a hybrid juried and fan voted awards with the goal of promoting and celebrating the best independent comic books made by Canadians. These awards are intended to honour Canadian comic creators therefore all nominees for personal awards must be current residents of Canada (regardless of legal status). For books, they must be published and available in Canada with either the writer or artist being Canadian. Either self publishing or small publishers are permitted.

Creators self nominate their work to agree to participate. Once the nomination period is over, the selection committee comprised of Sequential Magazine contributors and possibly invited guests will narrow the submissions and their own choices to a final nominee list of 4 to 8 per category. Then public vote decides the winners among them. This approach allows for the public to have their final choice as a fan voted award while also having a list to choose from.

Winners of last year’s awards are not eligible for the following year, including comics in the same continuing series.

Award Winners

2022 Award Winners (full nominees)

AwardWinnerRunner Up3rd Place
Best Comic BookWitch Hazel
Writing and Layouts by Colton Fox
Art by Beige Blum
Lettering by Matt Krotzer
Colour by Beige Blum, Jessica Huynh & Colton Fox
Written by Leland Bjerg and Art by Casey Poznikoff
Auric: A God in Plastic
Written by Mark Shainblum
Art by Dan Day
Lettering & Book Design by Andrew Thomas
Edited by Davis Dewsbury
Best Graphic NovelThe Witch of Wickerson
Created by Derek Laufman
Created by Jessica Peng
The Last Tide
pirateaba (Writer)
Shane Sandulak (Artist)
Matías Zanetti (Letterer)
Best AnthologyFantastic Frights
Edited by: Evan Waterman & Hannah Myers
Book design by Jeff Ellis
Best WebcomicFalse Knees
Created by Joshua Barkman
Created by Meaghan Carter
Poppy: The Girl Who Slept-In 100 Years
Created by Matthew Senn
Favourite WriterLeland BjergMark BertoliniDino Caruso
Favourite ArtistMeaghan CarterSharon GauthierScott B. Henderson
Favourite CartoonistHaley BorosJoshua BarkmanThe Becka
Favourite ColouristJessica HuynhDave Praetorius
Favourite LettererAndrew ThomasSteven Legge

2021 Award Winners (full nominees)

AwardWinnerRunner Up3rd Place
Best Comic BookResilient #1
George Michail (writer)
Vinz El Tabanas (artist)
Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Benny Powell (editor)
Sidequest #3
Grant Stoye: Writer
Alaire Racicot: Artist
Martina Bonanni: Colorist
Toben Racicot: Letterer
Brenda Snell: Cover Design
Stephanie Cooke: Editor
Dark Fragments
written by John Ward
Art by Francine Delgado, Juan Romera, Tyler Carpenter, Juha Veltti, Lawrence Denvir, & Ariel Viola.
Best Graphic NovelDeath Kanji
Jordan Patrick Finn – writer
Greg Woronchak – artist
A.H.G., Taimia, Yousr Ghanem, Chris Smith – Colour
Lyndon Radchenka – letterer
Ariela Kristantina – cover artist
DC Hopkins – logo & cover design
Dr. Freckle Meets The Neighbors
Created by: Caroline Riley (author and illustrator)
Infinite Universe
Pencils, Inks, & Colours by Steven Kaul
Script, Letters, & Graphic Design by Lyndon Radchenka
Best WebcomicThe Reaper and the Waiting by January SunPhantomarine by Claire NiebergallBicycle Boy by Jackarais
Favourite WriterAllison DangerStephanie CookeAdam Ma
Favourite ArtistVinz El TabanasMegan HuangJackarais
Favourite CartoonistClaire NiebergallShawn DaleyElaine M Will
Favourite ColouristAudra Balion
Favourite LettererToben Racicot

2020 Award Winners (full nominees)

AwardWinnerRunner Up3rd Place
Best Comic BookCommander Rao by Fell Hound and LetterSquidsSpace Cowboy and the Triumphanteers #2 by Jeff Knott & Derek Jessome, Rick Laffin, Dave Howlett, Bruce Brett, Mr. JOktana & Ko #3 by Yuriy Levytskyy & George Todorovski, Oliver Castaneda, Angel RD, Ken Reynolds, Robert Iveniuk
Best Graphic NovelIce Massacre: The Graphic Novel by Tiana Warner, April Pierce, Rachel “Tuna” PetroviczHalls of the Turnip King by Brenda HickeyWhat Will Not Last by Lyndon Radchenka, Christopher Smith, Zach Schuster, GMB Chomichuk, Steven Kaul
Best WebcomicFrightmare City by AC Turner, Fabio Alves, Ulises Carpintero, Ivan David,
Sika Murti, Luis Morocho Salaza, Toni Doya, Marcos Lima, Moke Moai
Soul to Call by Katherine (Rommie) LangFolklore by Adam Ma and Colin Tan Wei
Favourite WriterTiana WarnerAC TurnerKristen Kiomall-Evans
Favourite ArtistSandy CarruthersJenn LeeJade McGilvray
Favourite CartoonistBrenda HickeyFell HoundTroy Little
Favourite ColouristSharon Gauthier
Favourite LettererLyndon Radchenka

2019 Award Winners

AwardWinnerRunner Up3rd Place
Best Comic BookAuric of the Great White North – Issue 5 by Davis Dewsbury, Andrew Thomas & Sharon GauthierThe Pitiful Human Lizard – Some Heart Left by Jason LooPrehistoria: Age of Dinosaurs – Issue 1 by Chris Simmonds and Brayden Martens
Best Graphic NovelAurora BoreAlice by Joan SteacyShout Out by TO Comix PressCrown & Anchor Book One: Legends No More by Alaire Racicot and Toben Racicot
Best WebcomicBoumeries by BoumEth’s Skin by Sfe MonsterVerse by Sam Beck
Favourite WriterDavis Dewsbury (Auric of the Great White North)Luke Henderson (Our War)Chris Sanagan (Group of 7)
Favourite ArtistElaine M. Will (Dust Ship Glory)Andrew Clark (Adam)Nelson Caetano (The Gathering Place)
Favourite CartoonistBoum / Samantha Leriche-Gionet (A Small Revolution)Gary Boyarski (Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death)Jeff Martin (Hockeypocalypse)
Favourite PodcastTrue North Country ComicsThe Audio Adventures of AuroramanHey Kids Comics Radio Show

2018 Award Winners (CanComics Wiki Awards)

2018 Results announced in Sequential Magazine Issue 1

WinnerRunner-Up3rd (if enough nominees)
Best Comic BookJack Grimm: Harbinger of Death Issue 5Norlan: Sorceress Of LightGroup of 7 Issue 2
Best Graphic NovelWayward SistersHappily Ever Aftr
Favourite WriterRicky LimaDavis Dewsbury
Favourite ArtistAndrew ThomasDaniel Schneider
Favourite PodcastRadio Free KryptonHey Kids Comics! Radio

2017 Award Winners (CanComics Wiki Awards)

Best Comic BookAuric of the Great White North Issue 3Auroraman Issue 1
Best Graphic NovelThe Adventurers: Love You So Very MuchToronto Comics Anthology Yonge at Heart
Favourite CreatorKelly TindallDavis Dewsbury