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Issue 5 Contents

  • Feature Article on Cloudscape Comics interviewing their executive members and founder Jeff Ellis
  • Interviews with Cloudscape members Kelly Chen (SWKart) and PJ Patten
  • Retrospective article on Nelvana of the Northern Lights
  • Interviews with Cab, Scott Sawyer, Elaine M Will, Katie Sawatsky and Kate Phillips
  • Review of Code 45 comic
  • Brendan’s top 5 #CANCAF quarantine videos
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About the magazine

A revival of Sequential’s magazine edition by Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki founder Brendan Montgomery.

The goal of this publication is to expand the efforts of Sequential to promote self-published and indie comic books made by Canadians. We hope to provide a new avenue for readers to connect to these creators through in-depth interviews and to discover new books through reviews and previews. Our publication is made by volunteers passionate about Canadian comic books and distributed for free online. We bring artist’s alley to you!

The magazine is released quarterly in both digital and print on demand. Issue 5 will be released around March so check back then or you can sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when issues are released.

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