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Issue 09 June 2021

Issue 9 Contents

  • Feature Interview with the award winning creators of Ice Massacre the Graphic Novel, Tiana Warner and April Pierce
  • A special pride month article celebrating Canadian LGBTQI2S+ creators continuing from our last issue
  • A special article about using comic creation in schools to boost creativity and literacy in children
  • Interviews with Karl Kerschl (ISOLA), Benjamin Rivers (Snow), Francois Vignault (Titan), Brenda Hickey (Halls of the Turnip King), Ron Kasman (Tower of Comic Book Freaks) & AC Turner (Frightmare City)

Issue 8 March 2021

Issue 8 Contents

  • The First Canadian Comics by Ivan Kocmarek
  • Overview of 1970s Canadian Comics by Martin Boruta
  • The 1980s’ Matrix Graphic Series creator interviews by Sam Noir
  • Interview with Dominic Bercier on the 1990s by Brendan Montgomery
  • Queer Comics and Creators in Canada from 1970s to 2000 by Brian Montgomery
  • Indigenous Comics Creators interviews by Riley Hamilton
  • Maritime Comic Creators by Chris Bousquet and Tony White
  • Comics from Quebec by Genevieve Raza and Brendan Montgomery
  • Comics from the Prairies by John Swinimer
  • A Brief History of B.C. Comics by John Ward
  • The Future of Canadian Comics by Brendan Montgomery

Issue 7 September 2020

Issue 7 Contents

  • Feature Interview with Ho Che Anderson
  • Second Feature with Kelvin Nyeusi-Mawazo of Black Sun Comics
  • Also includes interviews with Jazz Groden-Gilchrist, Anthony Ruttgaizer, Hugh Rockwood, Leah Hensel Williams and Te’Shawn Dwyer.

Issue 6 June 2020

Issue 6 Contents

  • Feature Article on Cloudscape Comics interviewing their executive members and founder Jeff Ellis
  • Interviews with Cloudscape members Kelly Chen (SWKart) and PJ Patten
  • Retrospective article on Nelvana of the Northern Lights
  • Interviews with Cab, Scott Sawyer, Elaine M Will, Katie Sawatsky and Kate Phillips
  • Review of Code 45 comic
  • Brendan’s top 5 #CANCAF quarantine videos

Issue 5 March 2020

Issue 5 Contents

  • Feature Interviews with Cerebus artist Gerhard and Boumeries creator Boum!
  • Interviews with Chris Sanagan, Jason Lapidus, Georgia Webber, Te’Shawn Dwyer, & Grant McLaughlin
  • Reviews of Meat and Bone, Afterlift & N’or Easter
  • Article about comics becoming regarded as an art form

Issue 4 November 2019

Cover by Andrew Thomas and Sharon Gauthier

Issue 4 Contents

  • Feature Interviews with the Auric team Davis Dewsbury, Andrew Thomas, Sharon Gauthier and Josh Rose
  • Interviews with Ricky Lima, Becka Kinzie, Nicole Marie Burton, Sany Carruthers
  • Colouring Tutorial part 1 by Donovan Yaciuk
  • Emily Caroll analysis article by Zach Rondinelli
  • Review of Christie Pits

Issue 3 August 2019

Cover art by Gary Boyarski and Elaine Will

Issue 3 Contents

  • Cover art by Gary Boyarski and Elaine Will
  • Feature interview with Gary Boyarski
  • An Exclusive preview of Clanky by Sam Noir and Dave Franciosa
  • Other Interviews with Erik Bitmanis, Francine Delgado, Jeff Burton, Alex Park, & Andrew Clark.
  • Reviews of Shout Out Anthology and  Burning Black: the Legend of Black Shuck
  • List of what indie creators to see at FanExpo Canada

Issue 2 May 2019

Cover art by Salgood Sam

Issue 2 Contents

  • Cover art by Salgood Sam
  • Feature interview with Jason Loo about the final issue of the Pitiful Human Lizard
  • Other Interviews with Megan Kearney, Lindsay Ishihiro, Sam Noir, Sam Beck & Scott Ford
  • Reviews of The Witching Hours, Apologetica and Aurora Borealice books

Issue 1 January 2019

Cover art by Michael Derrah

Issue 1 Contents

  • Cover art by Michael Derrah
  • Feature article on Credible Threat Press with exclusive preview page from issue 6
  • Reviews of Indie Books Space Cowboy & the Triumphanteers , Beaver Damn & Group of 7
  • Interviews with John Fleming/Collette Turner, and Jenn Woodall
  • The exclusive announcement of the winners of the CanComicsWiki Awards
  • Short comic Why by Matthew Nielson
  • Article on selling your indie comic through stores