A self portrait of the publisher, itinerant artist and cartoonist Salgood Sam.

We would love to have more contributors! Our masthead has had a few come and go over the decades, it’s always been a dream of mine to have at least one from every significant Canadian comics community. All at one time even some day!

But, we don’t pay. And yours truly as the publisher, is a busy full time artist and part time comic creator these days, and getting a bit grey. Currently really no plans to work out something try to make the Sequential Blog a commercial venture ever? I’m aware there are other ways, crowdfunding and all that, just no time myself to manage something.

But we’re still open for folks joining to be their own self directed comics journalists. I’ll happily host your posts. The idea is you’d be an essentially autonomous contributor to the site under some minimal but specific editorial constraints.

Those are that everything we publish fits our mandate, and we strive to report anything we do accurately, and correct the record when we fail to. And we shouldn’t have to say but no advertorial content as well.

Our Mandate
Sequential is a blog dedicated to spotlighting Canadian comic art, business and culture from clear across this vast and diverse country, and the more notable international tectonic movements of the Sequential arts. We are essentially a private volunteer-run, non-profit site. Doing it for the love and vested self-interests.”

If you’re still interested in blogging about this particular niche beat, just for the joy of it and karma points, then let us know! And Yes you can be someone who works in comics in one or more capacities.

Send 3 topic specific 200 word samples of your blog writing. They can be preexisting content but it should be current, from the last 4 months or less.

If your preferred medium is photos comics or AV, then the rough equivalent of the same, in the medium of your preference! TikToks welcome.

And a cover letter telling us a bit about yourself. Use sequential@spiltink.org – Begin your subject line with ‘Interested in Can-con blogging’.

Along with getting a look at your writing/reporting chops, we want to get an idea of who you are and why you want to blog about this topic. Tell me your story, keep it under 1000 words svp.

I’m long been open to more diversity and inclusion as well, I welcome anyone who wants to contribute.