Rounding up all the links from Fan Expo Vancouver, which took place this past weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It seems to have been the first time for a con of this size in the city and fans and pros seem to have embraced it with open arms.
Item! Great photo parade and report from Will Harris of
Item! A nice blog report from a con-virgin at is the first to mention the unconfirmed 80,000 attendance number which surprised organizers who had expected 20,000. That can’t be right. Sounds more like the Toronto numbers.
Item! The show was sold-out?
Item! Cute photo of Kathryn and Stuart Immonen.
Item! Representing The Burrard Inlet Fan Fellowship.
Item! Sketch duels from the con, featuring Stephen Sadowski, Georges Jeanty, Mike Choi, Tony Daniel, Whilce Portacio, and Yanick Paquette.
Item! The Comixverse website had some good coverage, including photos of a ton of comics guests, a Day 2 report (7000 attendance?) with photos, and a Day 1 report with photos (12,000 attendees?)
Item! One fan’s underwhelmed report from the con. Worth reading but quick summary: too small, not enough bathrooms.
Item! “tearing up about Mike Weiringo…”
Item! Short report.
Item! The UBC cosplay club has some great Day 2 unoffical costume contest parade photos. Scott Pilgrim cosplay sightings:1, Alpha Flight cosplay sightings:0.
Item! Report from Artist Alley by Albert Art.
Item! The Canadian Video Game Awards took place at the con as well.
Item! A webcomics fan gets to meet Emily Carroll.
Item! Another kind of comics-centric report from the con.
Item! Tons of cosplay photos. What do you call a group of Robins? A murder? A sidekick? A Grayson?
Item! And some more photos.
this post will be updated as more links come in….
Item! has a photo parade.
Item! CTV news blog report from a hungover reporter.
Item! Metronews photo parade.
Item! Photos and video from The Vancouver Sun.
Item! Clothing designer Punch Brand has a short show report talking about the unexpected halt in ticket sales on Saturday.
Item! Blog post from science fiction writer Alyx Dellamonica.
Item! Photos from VanCityBuzz.
Item! 5-minute podcast from Geekin-out.
Item! Rocketeer cosplayer report.
Item! Buying tickets on Saturday and the male/female ratio at the con.
Item! Bat-villain cosplayer con guide.
Item! This fan makes two really good points: A) a multimedia event like Fan Expo makes perfect sense in a town where so many sci-fi/fantasy tv series and films are shot; and B) Vancouver is a beautiful city and the sharp-looking Vancouver Convention Centre is set among some of the most awesome scenery on the continent.
Item! Blogger and cosplayer Frederick Linsmeyer has some criticisms of the ticket process, lack of programming.