by BK Munn
The big Toronto comics convention, Fan Expo Canada, kicks off this time next week on Thursday August 30th, starting  a four-day weekend of pop culture mania at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There’s an impressive list of comic book creators scheduled to appear, among all the movie stars, wrestlers, and tv personalities usually on display at these sorts of events (two guys from Storage Wars Canada will be there!).
The Fan Expo organization has a special tier of guests called “Legends” which in Toronto will include ex-Canadian John Byrne, current Canadian Tom Grummett, and non-Canadians Bob McLeod and Art Adams. For some reason Neal Adams is not listed as a Legend, his identifying credit being Deadman on the site. Not too many (any?) other Silver Age or Bronze Age creators besides Adams and Byrne attending but tons of currently hot  “superhero dude” dudes you may recognize.
Artists who may be under the radar but worth checking out include Boum, Steve Manale, Jenn St. Onge, and Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda of Monstress fame. Jason Loo of Pitiful Human Lizard fame is debuting a new project, “She’s Always With Us” at the show. I took a look at the Artist Alley page but didn’t see more than one or two listings that I recognized so I can’t help much there. The show does list a Small Press/Indy Pavillion/Indy Market, located inside Artist Alley, on their comics events page.