Co: The Doug Wright Awards

If you hadn’t heard, the Doug Wright Awards are still on, but of course have moved the events to online platforms. The all new Egghead award for kids comics will join the Pigskin Peters, The Nipper and Best Book categories as planed and back for another round of playing MC, dear Don is back! I’ll pass this over to Conan Tobias’ official announcement…

We’ve lost track of how many times Don McKellar has hosted the Doug Wright Awards (he has too). Lucky for us, the current situation left him with no believable excuse for refusing to do it again!

Tune in this Saturday, May 9th, to see Don gamely host the 16th annual Doug Wright Awards, from the confines of his garage. Plenty of special guests will join him (from a safe distance) to announce this year’s winners. And, by popular demand, DWA chair Brad Mackay has dusted off his maroon blazer to provide his traditional entertaining kickoff to the proceedings. If nothing else, tune in to see what Seth’s wearing.

It’s a cash bar this year, but if you tip well, you’ll make it all back. So grab a drink and join us in celebrating the year’s best in Canadian comics!

The 16th Annual Doug Wright Awards
Saturday, May 9, 2020
Streaming on Facebook and YouTube beginning at 8 p.m.

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