Launching this weekend at Hal-Con in beautiful Halifax, NS is Grandway Comics! With a vintage aesthetic and 3 titles at launch they are jumping onto the scene with a bang. Founded by Jeff Knott and Derek Jessome this Dartmouth based operation is bringing retro style comics to Canada with a new comic planned to release each month on a rotating basis of their 3 titles. This will certainly be a publisher worth checking out!

Welcome, one and all, to GRANDWAY COMICS—the 21st Century’s latest & greatest presenters of four-color Comic-Fantasy! Strap on your jetpack and ride with us into an All-New Universe of Thrills, Danger, Fun & Spectacle where Super Adventurers do battle with Super Menaces, Monsters & Enemies of justice! We’re happy to have you along for the launch of these all-new comic chronicles of Good vs. Evil, Fantastic Powers & colorful Super-Action and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy making them! Dear patrons of Escapist-Melodramatic-Wonder everywhere—We salute you!