by BK Munn
I saw this solicited in Previews as being distributed by D&Q, I believe, but before it can be distributed, it has to be printed, and Bell has launched a Kickstarter to do just that. Bell has put out other people’s books, as well as his own, under his No World Books banner, but I believe this is the first time he’s used crowdfunding.
Anyway, here’s the hype. Incentives include original art, patches, and books. Check out the Kickstarter:
Marc sez,

“In 2004 I published WORN TUFF ELBOW #1 with Fantagraphics and now, 14 years later, I have produced a follow-up, WORN TUFF ELBOW #2, to be published under my own imprint NO WORLD BOOKS! I love creating “floppies”, in other words, saddle-stitched or stapled periodical comic books. There is an informal quality to the process which I find interesting. It was great fun to put this comic together! 
WORN TUFF ELBOW #2 will be an 8” x 10.5”, 36 page comic book with colour covers and an eight page colour section. It also marks the official return of my characters Shrimpy and Paul. Previously, in 2004, Shrimpy and Paul appeared in a trade paperback all their own, Shrimpy and Paul and Friends (Highwater Books). They resurfaced in 2011 for a short story in the collection Pure Pajamas (Drawn & Quarterly) and Shrimpy appeared on his own (living with a group of green people) in Stroppy in 2015.
Also: one needs not to have read WORN TUFF ELBOW #1 to enjoy this issue, these are all new stories~!”