Some comics-related links from the past few days:

  • Another obit for Robert Bierman, the political cartoonist who passed away April 16.
  • The Comic Book Bin chronicles the move from print to web by cartoonist Karl Kerschl.
  • Ivan Anchukov of Voronezh, Russia, won the 8th Annual International Competition for Editorial Cartoonists from among 700 cartoons submitted from 40 countries, in an award handed out in Ottawa May 2nd in honour of International Press Freedom day (May 3).
  • The comics critics: “Jog” tackles Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss comic while Tom Spurgeon casts a wide net over Michel Rabagliati’s graphic novel Paul Goes Fishing.
  • Chris Butcher wants your help in i.d.-ing the hottest obscure manga.
  • The second volume in the Cosmos Cafe album series by Quebec bedeist Tristan Demers in now out.
  • Newsarama interviews graphic novelist Faith Erin Hicks.