With apologies to Eric Theriault, today was so summer-y that I thought I’d post this final response to the summer reading survey. Stay tuned for the Sequential Holiday Wish List!

Today’s Summer Reading Survey comes to us via Janet Hetherington, a comics writer who I first became familiar with thru the pages of old comics that she wrote to as a young fan:

1. Name and occupation (contact info/website/publisher’s website).
My name is Janet Hetherington (www.best-destiny.com), and I’m a writer, editor and artist. I studied Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and currently work as an editor with a government agency. I also write for Animation World Network. In my comics career, I wrote, drew and self-published ETERNAL ROMANCE, a supernatural comic book series that parodied 1950s-70s love comics and earned a place in Trina Robbins’ book, The Great Women Cartoonists. I also scripted ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK (Claypool Comics) for six years. I have frequently collaborated with artist Ronn Sutton on such projects as JANNIE WEEZIE (daily newspaper strip, Ottawa Citizen), SPINNERETTE (Millennium Comics), PERF & GAUGE (Canada Post), FIVE ALARM CHARLIE (Sky-Dog) and numerous ELVIRA stories. I received Canada’s Aurora Award for excellence in science fiction and fantasy in 1999.
2. What is your latest project (ie, what are you hyping)?
I currently have a contemporary romance story called “The List” in GIRLS DRAWN WILD (Happy Harbor Comics, July 2008), a new Canadian anthology published to benefit women in crisis. My supernatural comedy comics creation MONSTER LOVE was selected at a Top 50 entry in the 2008 Comic Book Challenge from Platinum Studios. Mini-movie versions of “The List” and “Monster Love” can be seen online on my YouTube Channel (with music by Ottawa composer Derek Audette). In addition, people can read my PYXIE CHIX and FOUR EYES BUT ONE HEART comics at www.drunkduck.com. I just completed two Wonder Woman illustrations for Andy Mangels’ third annual WONDER WOMAN DAY, to raise funds for women’s shelters. I hope everyone will check out the contributions by all the artists when they are posted online and participate in the auction, which will be taking place on October 26, 2008.
3. Please provide a list of books you have recently read or are planning to read. They don’t have to be comic books. (In fact, we would almost prefer they weren’t.) Any number of books is fine. Please feel free to comment (ie, Why are you reading these books? What did you think?).
I enjoy good writing in escapist novels.I read everything by Stephen King, and my boyfriend Ronn Sutton often buys those books for me as gifts. The most recent one by King that I read was DUMA KEY. I buy a lot of paperbacks at yard sales and then send them to my mother to read. I just finished reading TURNING ANGEL, a thriller by Greg Iles. Ronn and I recently watched the movie adaptation of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which was quite good. I read the source material, the graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, which Ronn borrowed from the library. I am also working on some screenplays, so I have SCREENWRITING FOR DUMMIES permanently open at my desk in my home studio office. Plus, it may sound weird, but I love reading the dictionary.
4. Please list any upcoming events/upcoming publications. Your next project?
As I mentioned, I am currently working on some screenplays, particulary in the horror-comedy genre. I am practising writing the perfect logline — not easy! I also write for Animation World Network (www.awn.com) and will be covering the Ottawa International Animation Festival as well as Montreal’s ADAPT digital arts conference, both in September. I have some other things simmering that I can’t chat about just yet. Thanks for asking!