As the blogosphere begins to shut down for the holidays, here are some links to stories and posts about comics in Canada –perhaps the last such post you will read on Sequential in 2008. Remember: keep sending in those sending in those responses to our survey.

-Thanks to Tom Spurgeon for linking to “Best of 2008 lists by John Martz and Matthew Forsythe. Both writers also published interesting comics work of their own in 2008.

Dave Cooper music video

Seth, Chris Butcher on Kramers Ergot 7. Butcher’s coverage of the launch in T.O. is here.

Local cartoonist profile: Martin Balcer, Montreal

-Maclean’s editor/publisher Ken Whyte has a new book out about U.S. newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst. In this interview, he talks about Hearst’s contribs to journalism and the relevance of comics.

-Publishing: new graphic novel Lillian the Legend by Kerry Byrne (Conundrum Press, isbn 978-1-894994-35-4, $15 CDN / US)