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For many people across Canada, this weekend will be the final opportunity for last-minute gift buying before the December 25th holiday. It has become evident to me over the last few months, based on my careful reading of various blogs and watching Andrew Coyne on The National, that the recession would soon be over if people just bought more comic books. To that end, I encourage Sequential readers who may be considering a purchase of a graphic novel, strip collection, reprint, minicomic, or comic book pamphlet, to check out various features of this blog as an aid to buying a timeless work of art (and just maybe saving the economy in the bargain):

Primarily, you can refer to the Sequential Bestseller List for a guide to books that are popular, based on sales through independant bookstores. As well, you may want to read and contribute to the Sequential Holiday Wishlist, our reader-created “Best of 2008” feature.

If you are specifically interested in buying Canadian, and since Sequential attempts to notify its readers of as many new Canadian graphic novel releases as possible, this list of publishing news and links may be helpful (caution: it is long). You might also want to try this link for a list of publishers and this link to access all posts labeled with the “comics retailers” label. (You might also want to check out the handy “Top 15 of the Year” list at the French-language Fichtre bookstore).

Remember: Buy Early, Buy Often, and Buy Canadian!