Bulletins from the frontlines of the comic book apocalypse of awesomeness:

Publishing: the long-awaited reunion of Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart (7 Soldiers, Seaguy) begins its floppy serialization this week with the publication of Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 (DC). I liked Seaguy as a one-shot concept when I read the first collection a few years back. Stewart’s more-or-less “straight” action/superhero style was the perfect counterpoint to Morrison’s surreal goof on stale adventure comics heroics. I’m not sure if I’m up for a second helping, though, since I prefer Stewart’s more stylized work on Sin Titulo (I have to, or else my Art Comics Critic union card gets taken away).

Publishing: Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss #6 is out, featuring more of Sim’s tracing old adventure strips and writing about comics history, all wrapped up in a bizarre parody of women’s fashion magazines. It’s kind of fascinating, really, in an odd way.

Publishing: Since Tom Spurgeon mentioned it at Comics Reporter, I guess the cat’s out of the bag: Seth’s Palookaville comic book series, one of the longest-running art comics still extant, is switching to a hardcover format with the next issue. Besides including the ongoing serialization of the Clyde Fans graphic novel, the book will also have space for the cartoonist to examine other topics of interest, in various formats.

Upcoming: On the international scene, the big news is the impending publication of Robert Crumb’s Genesis project, going Moses or Harold Bloom’s “J author” one better.

Upcoming: Check out Chris Butcher’s read through the Diamond Preview catalog for some gems from Canadian creators. Pt 1. Pt 2.

Upcoming: New Reliable Press has some new stuff in the pipe —Jan’s Atomic Heart by Simon Roy and the second volume of the True Loves anthology.