Item: Skim, Country Nurse nominated for Harvey Awards in the Best Graphic Album category. As well, Lar deSouza and Ryan Sohmer, creators of the webcomic Least I Could Do, were nominated in several categories. (In an interesting post, Tom Spurgeon makes a plea for getting rid of the Harveys).

Item: Jeet Heer on nostalgia in comics.

Item: Tom Spurgeon has a thorough obituary for U.S. cartoonist B.M. Duncan. Duncan’s art was a highlight of Weirdo magazine in the 1980s and was a radical, humane talent.

Item: Captain Canuck co-creator Richard Comely is interviewed by the K-W Record’s Kevin Swayze.

Item: Brad Mackay reviews Tatsumi’s Drfiting Life bio.

“Yoshihiro Tatsumi, a Japanese manga pioneer, attempts to transform the solitary life of the cartoonist into an outsized adventure story.”