Our third summer reading list come from Daniel Ha, illustrator/cartoonist, part-time dentist, and a member of the AIIQ (Association des Illustrateurs et Illustratrice du Quebec).

Sequential: What is your latest project?

At the moment, I am working on 2 webcomics: “Casanovice” and “1 Page Stand.” Casanovice is a comedic strip about the differences between guys and girls and about their relationships. I like to think of it as an anti-Sex and the City because it’s from the male point-of-view but also because the guys in the strips are in their 20s and more of the gamer/slacker type than the late 30s and professional women of the hit show. 1 Page Stand is a 1 page comic about my observations and sometimes the place where I experiment or try to find something that expresses the truth about our lives (I said try).

What books you have recently read or are planning to read?

Recently finished:

Kampung Boy by Lat
Path of the Assassin vol2 by Koike and Kojima
Chroniques Birmanes by Delisle
Les petits riens de Lewis Trondheim vol 1-2
Pink by Okazaki
Boule de Neige by various

Planning to reread:

The Arrival by Tan
and a collection by Chaboute

Planning to read:

a Paul Auster book I saw at the library yet haven’t borrowed yet, all the books I can borrow about Vietnam (research purposes) and all the BDs I can borrow to limit the money I spend on comics. I also plan on finishing Path of the Assassin, 9 volumes of Swamp Thing and Berlin by Lutes.

Any upcoming events/upcoming publications? What is your next project?

I have a table reserved at Otakuthon to promote/sell my work (1st time). Then I’m going to be working on a proposal for Front Froid and after that something to show at this year’s expozine. I will also be continuing my research about Vietnam (for a comic about vietnamese-canadians) and updating my site’s comics section with new strips or some short stories.