The Montreal Comic Con had it’s December one day event this past Sunday. 

Despite plans to attend i missed it, but local writer and cartoonist Jack Ruttan [] was there and has uploaded another impressive set of interviews and photos. We’ve collected the video into a playlist you wan watch bellow, along with the slide show of photos bellow that. Read Jack’s musings about it on his site here.

Didn’t I just do one of these in September? And then there was Expozine last month. So, many of these artist seemed like old friends. It was fun brandishing around my little Lumix DMC-FS3 and talking to artists. Sound was a little off (and some interviews are in French), but I think things are audible if you turn up the volume.

In the playlist appears Convention organizers Oscar and Elizabeth. Eric Theriault, Isabelle Stephen, Michel Lacombe, Sid Vane and Gloria, Patrick Langlois, Troma, Jimmy Suzan, Fred Mahieu, Steph Dumais, Noumier Tawilah, Jipi McCloud, And Janardan.