Bonus: no Olympics hype!

Item: In an update to the story of the Ontario comic store owner accused of voyeurism reported last summer, the same man has now been charged with possession of child porn.

Item: Okay I lied. I saw these vinyl toys at the CGTA show last week and fell in love. I take back anything I might have said about Olympic mascots.

Item: Diana Tamblyn has helpfully scanned these great 30s illos of “French Canada” by Hazel Boswell.

Item: Jeff Lemire’s Wolverine. Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth interview. Lemire’s rural roots.

Item: More from Conundrum Press in 2010: Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in Saint Petersburg by Philippe Girard, and A Thousand Skunks by Simon Bosse.

Item: Seth interview, London, Ont. Meeting Seth, London, Ont.

Item: The Shuster Award’s list of eligible French-language creators.

Item: Amazing Absorbing Boy by Rabindranath Maharaj is a novel about the immigrant experience in Toronto inspired by comics. The author in his own words (accompanied by Michael Cho illos from the book).